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If you are a blogger having the right passion to blog and contribute something valuable to my blog as well as to the Internet, then

                        I AM WAITING FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION!!

I have been into blogging for over 4 years and I know what it takes to become a successful blogger as well a guest author. I have been neglected by many great bloggers because of some silly reasons. All those reasons I am mentioning below and I would advise you to keep all those things in mind before submitting a guest post for this blog.

First of all, Register for Paisa Blog . The default role of a new member is subscriber to avoid bots and spams. Once you are registered, send me a mail at [email protected] mentioning your user name and cause that you want to Write for PaisaBlog.com . If you do not want to mail me for any reasons, you can also connect and send a message at Blog’s Official Facebook Fanpage or My Personal Facebook Profile . Remember, do not forget to mention your user name and the cause of contacting.

As soon as I get your mail or message about your desire to contribute to my blog, I will upgrade your role to the contributor so that you can submit your guest post. Till I do that, you are requested to log in to this blog with the user name you provided at the time of registration and the password received at your email address. Once you log in, go to your profile and fill every single thing that you can. Mandatory fields are name, email, website, biography and your IM details. Remember, user profiles without correct details will not be upgraded.

Once you are done with the above steps, Sign up for Gravatar . If you are a serious blogger, then I hope you already have an account with Gravatar but still in case you don’t, get one now. Gravatar helps you to show your pic at Author’s Bio and helps you to become popular. Gravatar will also be considered when I am there to approve your post. User’s profile with Gravatar will look like the below screenshot on this blog.

Author Bio wordpress

I seriously want all posts on my blog without any error (Accidental or Grammar). Also, there are many more points I want to highlight so that you can have an idea about all those points I consider while approving a guest post. Make sure to write a post implementing all those points.

  • Word Count : Every single blog post which I have written on this blog contains over 700 words. There is no such standard requirement but still, If you are submitting a guest post to my blog, you can not just write a couple of paragraphs and submit. So I suggest you to write at least 700 words for the guest post you want to submit to my blog.
  • Grammatical Errors : This is something not appreciated by any webmaster on the Internet. Grammatical errors often leave a bad impression on our visitors. So I can not disappoint my blog readers because of a guest author. So keep in mind that I am really strict if you have any grammatical error in your post. To avoid such things, I will advise you to proofread your post at least twice before submission.
  • No duplications please : I humbly request you that do not copy content from somewhere on Internet and submit to my blog. Also Spinning will not work. I have Premium Copyscape membership and it notifies me whenever there is a duplication issue with the content published on my blog.
  • No Promotions : If you say you are working for some company and promoting their product, then just remember, I will not approve that link. Only serious bloggers with their blog links are accepted on my blog and the maximum number of links which can be approved is 3. Out of those 3 links, 2 links can be placed inside the body of post and 1 in author bio.

Some other points to be remembered if you want to write for us

Comment on your posts : If you are not available to interact with our readers, you do not deserve to be a guest author on a blog. Readers are more important for a blog owner than a guest author. So let me make it very clear, after your post is published and If you are not replying to the comments on your post, I will delete your user account and I will transfer all your posts to my account without any prior notice.

Follow basic SEO tips : I do not force you to write an SEO rich blog post, but if you are a blogger, writing posts with basic SEO must not be a tough task for you. The basic SEO things should be implemented in your post like Having the keyword in post title, meta description as well as post content. Also you need to fill all the fields which are there in SEO plugin below the post box.

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