5 best and Highest paying web hosting affiliates

Web hosting is the need for everyone who wants to have an online presence. There were less than a million websites hosted on the internet 10 years back and if we count the number of websites hosted on the internet today, the count easily goes up to a few billion.

The Internet revolution which we have seen in last few years has been beneficial to us in many ways, it has made us able to search for the required information within seconds. No matter what you are searching, you get hundreds of pages online related to the topic and that is the biggest advantage of the Internet.

Every single website which is hosted on Internet needs domain and website hosting. I have written quite a few articles on this blog related to web hosting. When someone is new to the online world and looking to create a new website for himself or his business, he needs some guidance on how to start and which domain and hosting provider to choose. However, If you are already set in the online environment, you can refer those newbies to the host you are using and earn great commissions.

In this post today, I will write about the most paying web hosting affiliates online. Have a look.

Highest paying web hosting affiliate systems

1&1 Web hosting

1&1 web hosting, veterans in the field of web hosting have something unique to offer always. The customers at 1&1 are always satisfied with the performance, uptime as well as the feature.

1&1 web hostingAlthough 1&1 messes up with the domain configuration (If you have registered a domain name with them), if you are using them with the sole purpose of hosting your files and database, then it can be considered as a smart choice. However, being an affiliate at 1&1 is also a great choice, because 1&1 is the topmost paying web hosting affiliate system in the industry. 1&1 also has some great tools for website development as well as for search engine optimization which can be used by the customers for free.

Every referral can get you up to $225. Well, I know that is huge, however, the commission is paid on various bases, so you can not predict in the beginning that how much you will get paid for a particular referral.

Click here to signup for 1&1 web hosting.

Arvixe Web Hosting 

I had reviewed Arvixe hosting a few days back, you can check my review here.

arvixe web hosting affiliate

Arvixe is a relatively new name in the field of web hosting. However, the company claims to be in the market for a long time, but frankly speaking, I heard this name a few months back and it was recommended to me by some of my close friends.

Arvixe has been doing brilliantly to make sure that people still use shared hosting. With unmatched service, uptime and performance, Arvixe has surely taken my mind away and I am already hosting some of my sites on a shared hosting account on Arvixe.

Just as the performance and uptime, Arvixe offers a great affiliate system. No matter if you have a great social circle or you have a very popular blog with many followers, referring some customers to Arvixe can always be so damn beneficial for you.

Affiliate system at Arvixe pays you on the basis of the number of people you refer to Arvixe. If the number of referrals per month ranges from 1 to 6, you get 70$ per referral. If you do little better and the number goes between 7 to 12, then you get 90$ per referral. However, on referring 13 to 19 people per month, gives you whopping $115 per sale.

The best part, if you have a great network and if you can manage to refer over 19 people a month to Arvixe, you get paid $135 for every sale, which is awesome and one of the best web hosting affiliate commissions paid in the industry. That proves, Arvixe is doing pretty well in trying to be the industry leaders in next few years.

One more good thing about Arvixe affiliate system is that you get an initial balance of $10 just to sign up for Arvixe web hosting affiliate. Once your affiliate balance reaches 100$, you can place the withdraw request and the amount will be transferred to your online Paypal account on the first of next month.

Click here to sign up for Arvixe.


hostgator web hosting affiliate

Shared web hosting and Hostgator seems like synonyms of each other. HostGator has been the industry leader in web hosting since a long time now and is considered to be most reliable shared web host.

I have seen a lot of people who started criticizing HostGator in last few months. I don’t know the exact reasons behind, but there might be several reasons why HostGator’ glory is on a decline. Well, maybe people are having so many options to choose their web host like never before.

Whatever be the case, there are still millions of people who are using HostGator with the full belief that it is still delivering the best services of Industry standards. Despite all good and bad things, HostGator pays really well to the affiliates to refer them to new people. The payout is pretty cool and that is a reason most of the customers of HostGator are also their affiliates.

Based on the number of affiliates per month, HostGator pays a different amount. If you refer 1-5 people in a calendar month, you get 50$ per signup. The amount goes to $75 if you refer 6-10 people to HostGator in a calendar month. Referring 11-20 people a month gets you a whopping $100 commission on every sale and at the same time, if you anyhow manage to refer more than 20 people in a month, HostGator pays you $125 per valid signup.

In the amount of the commission, HostGator is only behind Arvixe. However, HostGator has been an industry leader and Arvixe is yet to win the trust. Hostgator pays you on 1st of every month and the minimum amount required to transfer your amount is $100.

Click here to sign up for HostGator.


dreamhost hosting affiliate

Dreamhost is another veteran in web hosting field. The domain Dreamhost was registered back in 1998 ( I was 3 years old that time 😀 ).

DreamHost has been in the industry for all these years and one of the best thing about them is the transparency they maintain. Unlike the 2 affiliate systems I mentioned above, Dreamhost offers a flat 97$ discount on all the new purchases made and gives you the power on how to use that.

You can even give the user a 97$ discount or you can manage it accordingly. You can decide the amount of your commission and the discount for the new user. The total of that comes out to be 97$. All other web hosting affiliate systems do not give that options and the new user has to pay a standard amount to the web host company.

No matter how many people you refer per month, per day or per week, you get the same amount. So the affiliates need not be in the pressure or to maintain some targets of reaching to a specific number by the end of a month. Another good thing about Dreamhost is, the threshold payment is just $20. So you need not wait till the balance in your affiliate account reaches $100, however, like all other affiliates, you do need to wait till the 1st of next month to get your payment in PayPal or any other online account.

Click here to sign up for DreamHost.


Bluehost web hosting affiliate

Bluehost is known for rising as the star in the last couple of years in web hosting environment. Bluehost too has been a great company which is running since many years, but there were not many people who knew about Bluehost. In the last couple of years, Bluehost has become one of the most popular web hosting platforms on the internet, thanks to the awesome support and better pricing.

I have used Bluehost shared hosting as well as VPS and I must say I have always been satisfied with the service (Except a few times when some of the technical support representatives behaved very badly). The technical aspects of BlueHost have never been under question.

A few years back, Bluehost has overtaken HostGator, but still, HostGator is pretty well because of the strong network as well as the amount paid per signup. Bluehost pays $65 per signup. The threshold payment is $100 and the affiliates are paid on the first of every month.

Click here to sign up for BlueHost.

So, these were the most paying web hosting affiliate systems in the market. If you are planning to buy web hosting, read the individual reviews of web hosts and then decide accordingly. It would be great for us if you could sign up using the links provided in this post.

I hope this post was useful. Do let me know in case of any issue related to hosting or anything in blogging. I will try my level best always to help you out.


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  1. Nice reviews I want ask can I get just domain name..? for my blog i dont need website hosting.

  2. Wahed, yes you can!!

    But How would you make your website online without hosting?? Do you have some hosting with you??

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