Most Profitable Niches to start new blog

Choosing the niche is one of the most important as well as a difficult thing for every blogger. Before starting a blog, people are usually confused about the niche because of many things. The progress and profit of blog mainly depend on the niche and the competition.

In this post, I will be discussing about what is the niche, what are the things you need to keep in mind while choosing a niche for your new blog and what are the most profitable niches to start with. So before I get into anything else, let me start with the introduction.

What is Niche?

Niche is the subject based on which any blog or website runs. In short and simple words, Niche is the topic on which you write a blog.

What importance does the Niche have for a blog?

When you are starting a blog on a certain Niche, then there is always a competition for that Niche. Selecting the right Niche decides the performance and popularity of your upcoming blog.

In case you are a newbie in blogging field and you want to write on a topic which is highly competitive and thousands of people are already writing on that niche, then it becomes very hard for you to make your blog stand out and rank by defeating all those big players. That is the time when Niche selection comes handy.

To make sure you do not get into a position where you get to know after months of hard work that whatever you were doing all this while was all worthless, you need to act wisely before starting to put your efforts.

If you are looking to start a blog in the near future and making money is one of your aim, then go through this post. In this post, I will be sharing all the details about most profitable niches to start a new blog. Hope this post will be useful.

What is niche

There are several niches which can be termed as the most profitable ones, however, the condition is not always the same. There are times when a keyword can give CPC of 50$ and after sometime the same keyword can give CPC of 5$. So, there are a few factors which are the main cause in the performance of a keyword.

  • Advertisers : The main source of income for many of the bloggers is Adsense. Once we are having a blog with Adsense enabled on it, then the Adsense earnings will largely depend on the keyword we have chosen. The earning, however, depends on the number of advertisers competing for that keyword. Once the competition for a keyword is high, advertisers will try to get the top position by placing high bids and the publishers get the ultimate benefit by this.
  • Location of the visitor : Advertisers mainly target local audience. So it would be pretty handy that from which location you are getting most of your visitors. For example, a keyword like fitness centers, there will be local presense. A visitor in USA will see the advertisement by a US advertiser and a visitor in India will see the advertisement provided by Indian advertiser, so the CPC ( Cost per click) will vary so much in that case.
  • Ad sizes : The size of advertisement on your blog also plays an important role sometimes. Many advertisers prefer the standard ad sizes and if you are using some custom Ad size on your blog, then it might not give you the advertisements by the top advertisers. In some cases, like the premium advertisers, google resizes the advertisements to make sure that the Ads reach to the maximum number of audience, but for the normal advertisers, there is no such provision and you might end up missing those advertisements just because those are not available in the size you have put on your blog.

These were some of the factors on which the factors like availability of an advertisement and CPC depend. Hopefully, you have an idea about them now. Let me now proceed to the main section where I will be writing about the most profitable niches on the internet to make money.

Please note that the information I am providing in this post is taken from my own personal experience of many years. I have not referred any online or offline source. If in case the content is taken from an online source, the original source has been mentioned with proper credits.

Most profitable Niches to start new Blog

1. Insurance and Loans

In all the reports I have seen online in last many years, keywords related to insurance and loans are the highest paid keywords ever. This might be for several reasons because one conversion in these type of keywords give a profit of several hundred dollars and advertisers are never behind to put their best bid to make sure they retain the first position.

However, if you think you can be a great blogger to write about these type of keywords, then you have a great chance, because there are not as many blogs in this niche as compared to niches like technology and health. So starting a blog will have low competition, but the amount of efforts which needs to be put in will be higher.

2. Real Estate

Real estate is the ever growing business and the emergence of Digital Marketing has resulted in online promotions of all the real estate deals. The builders and agents are targeting the online audience. Availability of less number of blogs on this niche gives you a great chance to build a blog, market it properly and earn the great amount of revenue from Adsense as well as from third party advertisers.

3. Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness, both these words are one of the most commonly used words in the world. People from all sections of society will always be worried about health as well as the fitness. However, the condition is not the same as compared to the previous niche. There are millions of blogs already present in the blogosphere and starting in this niche can be bit competitive.

However, once you are set as a blogger in this niche, then you can earn really great because almost all the keywords are highly paid. You just need to maintain the quality of content as well the target people in high paying geolocations and Google will take care of the earnings.

4. Sports

There are several sports websites and blogs available on the internet, but only few of them have sustained over the time. There is not much of original content and that is why there are not many blogs. If you can generate some awesome blog content and make sure that the visitors like that, then you have a great chance of getting your blog popular.

In sports, the main advertising fraternity belongs to big brands who are ultimately the sponsors of sporting event or the manufacturers of sports goods.

5. Education

Just like sports, education too has a great potential, but it becomes a bit too handy for the individuals. If you are a dedicated team and great at exploring topics, then education might be the right niche for you. The only thing you need to keep in mind is, Education blog is something which needs to be updated on a regular basis, because education industry gets lots of updates.

Ad Networks like Google might not be able to give you the ultimate solution to earn from a blog, but once your blog gets popular, you have great chances to earn from the third party advertisers. So if you are looking to have a blog in this niche, then put your efforts and wait for the right time before you can start making money.

6. Technology

Technology has been a hot topic ever since the launch of Internet. Despite being the most competitive niche, technology is 5th in the list of most profitable niche to start blog. This is because the evolution of technology in last few years.

My own example says that 95% of the bloggers these days blog on technology niche and that is why the competition is so damn high. However, still if you think that you can make difference with your awesome writing skills, then you can surely try this niche because profit is huge once your blog gets a little popularity.

So that was a list of the most profitable niches which will help you in making money. If you have any doubt, feel free to ask in the comments section.


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