Google PageRank update (Confirmed) December 06, 2013

After a lot of wait, Google has finally updated the pagerank. The update was out just before a few hours and I can see significant changes in the Page Rank of many websites.

If you are active in this blogging fraternity, then you would be remembering that the last PageRank update was in February 2013 and after that Google has not updated PageRank even for once. This has come as a blessing for all those people who were busy building links for their websites and waiting for the PageRank update for a bit of time.

Before a few days, in a video, Matt Cutts had described the importance of PageRank in ranking few domains in search engines and since that time, people were guessing that the PageRank update was near and it has been confirmed now.

However, this is a great lose to many of the bloggers and internet marketers. Many people in my circles have lost the PageRank of their blogs as well as websites. It seems Google has done a great job to identify all those spammers and hammered them quite efficiently by dropping the pagerank of all such domains.

One of my own domain, which I had bought from godaddy auctions because it was a PR 4 domain, has PageRank 0 now. There are a lot of people who are at a great lose because of this PageRank update, but I think this is going to be beneficial for the people who take blogging seriously because the competition from the spammers will be reduced in the coming time.

google pagerank update


If you also have lost your OageRank¬†or gained PageRank in Google PageRank update december¬†2013, share via the comments below. Let’s see pagerank for how many people dropped and how many people sustained this PageRank update.

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  1. Google page rank is importent for every webmasters.Thanks for sharing such a nice information.
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