Arvixe Web Hosting : Review, Features and Coupon

The online market is really saturated these days. There was a time when the limited number of websites were available on the internet and today, billions of websites are there created by millions of individuals, group or companies.

To host all those websites, there is a big need of web hosting services and that is the reason why thousands of web hosting companies exist in the market. Most of those hosting companies charge a similar amount of sum from the customers to host their websites, however, sometimes, the price of hosting does not matter, because there are many other factors which need to be looked at while choosing the best hosting provider.

As I said, the number of web hosting companies in the market is really huge that if you are a newbie to the internet world, you can get really confused on which hosting service to use for your venture.

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Out of all those big as well as small names in the industry, Arvixe Web Hosting is also one. Many people might not be familiar with this name because the consumer base for this hosting company is way lesser than the consumer base of many other companies, but still, this service has been successful in gaining attention from many people. In this post today, I am going to review this awesome new web hosting service, named as Arvixe.

Arvixe Web Hosting: Introduction

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Arvixe might be a new name for many of the bloggers or the webmasters, but this company has been running ever since 2003. Arvixe was found in 2003 as a limited liability corporation (LLC). The corporation is headquartered in San Luis Obispo (California).

Arvixe web hosting has always been on the track to become one of the most innovative web hosting by their practice and dedication to provide a better experience to the consumers. Unlike other hosting companies, Arvixe provides better solutions at better prices. I have recently signed up for this awesome web hosting service and I was really impressed by the service, uptime and the speed.

General Features of Arvixe hosting

Features are almost the same when offered by the hosting company, but only after you experience one particular brand, you get to know the reality behind the offerings. I have used many web hosts present over the internet and it has been a very short time since I signed up for Arvixe, but still, the service looks impressive. Some of the features which I have used/experienced are listed below


  • Great uptime (In last 5 days, I have seen the server down for only 5 minutes in total).
  • Comparatively better speed
  • One click installs
  • Support for almost all the technologies
  • 100% promised bandwidth and storage
  • Fully managed hosting platform with Cpanel
  • US or Europe servers (Choice is yours)

Arvixe has managed all types of hosting quite nicely. They have classified it in different classes. A brief introduction and features of all the classes are mentioned below

Personal Class Hosting by Arvixe

Personal Class hosting by Arvixe is for those people who are just starting in the online space and need web hosting to host a few domains with low or average traffic.

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There are 2 plans under this type of hosting.

1. Personal Class

This hosting allows you to host up to 6 websites on your account. It supports almost all the technologies, including PHP, .Net, ruby, python and provides all the add-ons which you can expect out of a shared hosting platform.

Personal class hosting from Arvixe is powered by Cpanel which makes it very easy to host and run the websites and manage the account. Some of the other things are included free of cost like stats, ability to get a dedicated IP at as low as $2 per month.

The price of Personal Class web hosting by Arvixe is $4/month which is after a discount of 30%.

2. Personal Class Pro

Personal Class pro hosting by Arvixe allows you to host unlimited websites on your account. The features are all the same as of the previous plan. The cost of Personal Class Pro plan by Arvixe is $7/month after a 30 % discount.

Business Class hosting by Arvixe

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Business Class hosting is for those companies or group of individuals who have a single or many websites with a good amount of traffic. Generally, those people go for Virtual Private Server or Dedicated server, but VPS and Dedicated servers do not provide fully managed services. To get rid of those issues, people go for the services like business class hosting.Arvixe provides free SSL and dedicated IP with all the business plans. There are 2 variants in the business class hosting

Arvixe provides free SSL and dedicated IP with all the business plans. There are 2 variants in the business class hosting

1. Business Class hosting by Arvixe

Business Class hosting has all the features of a pro version of web hosting. With dedicated SSL and IP address, it makes the process easy to host your website in a dedicated environment.It is always good to have SSL and a dedicated IP to get the trust of your customers. Arvixe provides this for free with the business class plan. However, you are allowed to host a maximum of 6 domains per account. This plan costs you $22/month.

It is always good to have SSL and a dedicated IP to get the trust of your customers. Arvixe provides this for free with the business class plan. However, you are allowed to host a maximum of 6 domains per account. This plan costs you $22/month.

2. Business Class Pro hosting by Arvixe

Business Class pro hosting provides all the features with dedicated IP and SSL. If you are buying business class pro hosting, you will be able to host an unlimited number of domains with unlimited storage and bandwidth.Business Class pro hosting package from Arvixe costs $35/month.

Business Class pro hosting package from Arvixe costs $35/month.

Reseller class hosting from Arvixe

If you are looking to start small hosting service providing, then you can buy the reseller class plan from Arvixe and start in the fully managed Cpanel environment provided by Arvixe. All the reseller plans come with Dedicated IP and SSL.

Arvixe has 2 plans for the resellers. The first plan gives 50GB storage with 500 GB bandwidth and the second plan gives 200 GB storage with 2000 GB bandwidth. Prices of both the plans are affordable, the first plan costs 20$/month while the other one costs $50 per month.

VPS Class hosting by Arvixe

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If you have a business or website with a huge number of online visitors, then VPS would be a nice solution for you. Arvixe provides unmanaged VPS at competitive prices.

The first VPS option comes with 50 GB storage, 1.5 GB RAM, Quad core CPU, Unlimited bandwidth and CentOS. Which means you need to have a little server knowledge to manage websites or you can also install Cpanel to have the same simple interface. The first VPS plan costs $40 per month. It has 2 dedicated IP bundled.

The second VPS plan comes with 100 GB storage, 3 GB RAM, 5 Dedicated IP addresses, Octa-core CPU and unlimited bandwidth. Just like the first VPS plan, this is also unmanaged and comes with CentOS installed on it. If you are planning to buy this plan, then you will have to pay $70 per month.

Dedicated Class Arvixe Web Hosting

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Dedicated servers are the best form of servers where you can have a dedicated environment for your website. If you are unsatisfied with the VPS or shared hosting, or if you are looking to go for a private environment from the very first day, then dedicated server will suit you the best.

Dedicated plans are customized according to your needs. To make a customized plan, you will need to contact Arvixe support. The plans are starting from $109 per month.

These were the hosting plans provided by Arvixe. I can say that at the time where you have thousands of other hosts to choose from, Arvixe is better than many of them. You might not see many people using this, but remember, everything starts from scratch. If you want to buy Arvixe hosting, click on the links given in the post.


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