Can be better Adsense alternative?

The number of people having a blog has increased to really high levels in the last few years. When I started my first ever blog back in 2004, there were very few people who knew about blogging.

Well, time changes, and it changed. From a time where people having internet at home were considered as fortunate people, in a time where having the high speed unlimited internet has become a common thing. In this internet revolution, everyone got benefited. People, today have better access to everything available online and one of the reasons behind that is millions of blogs and millions of people managing them.

The whole blogging scenario, which was started as a part time work, has changed to professional & full time thing. With that, the expectations and tactics to make money from blogging has changed as well. These days, before getting into blogging, people think of how much money they can make being a blogger. Sometimes, the only reason for a few bloggers to join the blogosphere is because they know someone who makes a good amount of money and they also want to make money like that and more importantly they think that it is very easy to make money from blogging which requires almost no efforts.

Well, I am not writing this post to discuss on what people think about blogging or what is the main reason behind people joining blogging. I will be discussing about 2 Ad networks available for the blogger which can be used to make money online. One of them is the most popular and reliable Google Adsense and the other one is the new entry in Market by another Internet Giant, Microsoft

Before getting into the comparison, let me write in a brief individually about the two Ad networks.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense, has been the most trusted Ads Network till date. It was started as an independent company which was later bought by Google. Adsense is one of the major sources behind the success of the brand name, Google.

Google Adsense, basically started in 2003, accounted for 28% of the total revenue of Google in 2012. That makes it clear as how important Adsense is for Google.

In the beginning, Adsense only used to accept the premium publishers and the people who had over a certain number of pageviews per month, but once the internet evolution took place around 2006, Adsense started to accept the application of almost all the publishers who had a webpage.

Currently, Adsense is available in 2 variants. 1 is Adsense for content (which includes all the websites where the Adsense is placed) and the other one is Adsense for hosted content (which includes third party Google web services like YouTube).

For the publishers, Google Adsense is the most used Ad network because of the simplicity and popularity. Still, there are many users who cannot get the Adsense account approved because of the low quality content. official is an Ad network which powers one of the famous Ad network on the internet, named as Bing Yahoo contextual Ad network. The main purpose to start this service was to give a competition to Google AdsenseĀ and to serve the purpose of having so many bloggers in the market who had almost no way of monetizing their blog. just acts as the backup manager of this network which is the leading one in creating innovative designs of advertisements to cater to the needs of publishers. has got a lot of exposure in the last couple of years, thanks to the aggressive marketing. Over a million publishers are part of Ad network to monetize their web properties.

Well, that was in a bit of brief about both these Ad networks. Let me come to the comparison now.

Is better Google Adsense Alternative?

  • Google Adsense is one of the oldest Ad networks in the industry. Whereas, is comparatively new and less trusted.
  • CPC (Cost per click) and CPM (Cost per impression) offered to the publishers by is comparatively lesser than the one offered by Google Adsense.
  • The minimum account balance required to generate a payment check is $50 in and 100$ in case of Google Adsense.
  • Google Adsense supports the premium and most popular Ad formats and size, whereas in case of, there are plenty of Ad sizes available for the publisher to choose the best suited for his web page.
  • Being the most reliable Ad network, you can run Adsense ads even if you have very few visitors every day, whereas in case of, you will not get proper monetization value until you have at least 2000 pageviews per day.

These were some of the points of comparison. I have been using Google Adsense since 2007 and believe me, I have never got a problem. Whereas, I did experiment with advertisements by putting one Ad to the most profitable As slot for me in the last couple of years, but after a month, I was really disappointed because in the same number of pageviews, the amount earned by Ad was less than one tenth of the amount earned by Google Adsense Ad.

This can be pretty clear. If you are in a condition where you are not getting Adsense approved for your blog, in that condition, you might try out with, if you have to choose one of the 2, then my vote will always go for Google Adsense.


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  1. Amazing I reading your articles and believe me I am learning more & more from your articles great you are very talented.

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  2. Google Adsense, has been the most trusted Ads Network till date. just acts as the backup manager so its not alternative for ad sense. If you ask me about my opinion and on the base of experience in this industry Google Adsense is best Adsense program.
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