CDN for WordPress blog : Needed or not?

CDN has been a pretty hot topic for many bloggers for quite some time now. In the last few months, I have seen many people discussing CDN, the advantages of it and the main part, whether they should use it for their blog or not. Well, in this post today, I will be discussing it in detail, but before I get into the details and the debate, let me first write a bit about CDN.

What is CDN?

CDN stands for content delivery network. It is a network of server computers spread in many countries to deliver the specific content to the visitors in that particular area.

highest wordpress trafficHow does CDN work?

As I already told, CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. The whole thing is done to make sure that your website loads faster on all the locations in the world.

To make sure of that, the CDN companies place their servers in the different parts of the world and when you sign up for a CDN plan, all the static data on your website is stored on those computers. Static data are usually heavy data which consists of Images, Videos, Scripts, audio files does cdn workOnce you get a visitor, let’s say from India, and your web server is based in the United States. Now get the whole data from a server in the US and then displaying that onto the visitor’s computer in India can be a slow process if the number of visitors you have is higher at one point in time. The light data, text and HTML code is still stored on your main web server because it does not take much time to load. So CDN delivers the static content from a location which is the nearest to the visitor.

In this scenario, if you have 1000 visitors at one time on your website, and out of them, 100 visitors are from one location and then the rest are from different locations in the world, not having a CDN might slow down the website load time if you have a lot of static data. If you do not have a lot of static data, then it will not be a problem with the loading time.

What are the benefits of using CDN?

The benefits of using CDN are listed below

  • CDN decreases the loading time of your website. All the static data is stored and cached so that everytime the information needs not to be pulled out of your server, which gives an extra load to the server.
  • CDN distributes a load of a web server as well as on the website. The visitors are diverted to different servers according to their locations. It makes sure that the server runs smoothly even in the high traffic time.
  • CDN also minimizes bandwidth usage for your server. If you have a lot of static data, then using CDN will cut the bandwidth used by up to 70%. So if you are with some customized plan, then you need not pay those extra bucks to your hosting company.

These were some of the benefits of using CDN for a website. Let me now discuss on whether you need CDN for a WordPress blog or not.

Reasons why you need CDN for WordPress blog

  • Most of the bloggers use WordPress just because of the ability to customize almost everything. The use of so many plugins and scripts makes WordPress blog load slow and that is the time when CDN comes in handy. Using CDN you can store all those scripts on the local servers and it will help you to reach out to your visitors and customers easily.Most of the bloggers are blogging about specific niches these days.
  • Most of the bloggers are blogging about specific niches these days. Those kinds of blogs go viral in very less time if optimized properly. In that kind of situation, you need a CDN to manage the area wise traffic so that the load on your web server does not increase to result in a server crash.
  • It cuts down your bandwidth cost so that you do not need to spend so much on the server bandwidth.
Reasons why you do not need CDN for WordPress blog
  • CDN only stores the static data, mostly images and videos. That data is mostly copyrighted one. So storing the same information in various servers over different parts of the world increases the risk of hacking into your servers and steal the information you have stored.
  • These days, most of the WordPress bloggers are using shared hosting. These hosting providers offer unlimited bandwidth. So if you are looking for CDN only to cut down your bandwidth usage, then it will not be worth it.

These were some of the points to favour as well as to oppose the use of a CDN for WordPress blog. You will need CDN for WordPress blog only if you are having a blog with thousands of visitors every day and you are running on a VPS or dedicated server. Because in VPS as well as the dedicated server, the bandwidth usage is limited and CDN might come in very handy to help your WordPress blog load faster.\n\r\nHopefully, you found it useful. If you have any doubt related to this post or generally about blogging, then feel free to leave a comment and I will try my level best to solve that out for you.


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  1. CDN is must for blogs that drives decent amount of traffic. It improves the Google Pagespeed score to some better level that passes one of Google SEO criteria. Serving the contents to users in super fast 🙂 SSD powered CDN services can make that task easier 🙂 Good article you have in here to let people decide before buying it.\r\n\r\nRobin

  2. Indeed Kunwar, you are absolutely right. Once I was not using any CDN for my blogs and the results were infront of me i-e Low traffic, higher bounce rate and very less stability. Thanks for the article. \r\n\r\nKeep writing :)\r\n\r\n-Sheeza

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