How to set up Outlook mail for domains (Full Procedure)

Having a website is a very common thing these days. There are thousands of websites launching every day and most of those websites use webmail. In this post today, I will tell you the procedure of setting up the webmail for domains using outlook.\n\nIt is always better to have something like [email protected] then to have [email protected]/ because, on these websites, you can not easily get your name as username as these websites are highly rushed. Let me start with some of the benefits of email for domains.

Benefits of using mail for domains

  • It helps in branding your product. Having a mail for domains shows your professionalism and helps you interact better with the clients. Clients would surely love to see your email as [email protected] rather than [email protected]
  • You need not have those long usernames and you do not need to remember or share them. You can simply have a short email address as [email protected]
  • Whenever you want, you can migrate from one service to another without changing your email address. Suppose if you are using Google apps for domains and you are not happy because of something, then you can simply migrate to outlook or any other service without changing your email address, it gives you a great feeling of flexibility.
  • Mail for domains is easily accessible and secure. Almost all the hosting providers give you the option to host your emails with them and without even the hassle of setting up your email with a third-party service like Google or Outlook, you can have your email up and running in a few clicks.

These were some of the benefits if you want to use email for domains. However, once when you decide of using a third party email service for your domain, you can have many options to choose from. As I told in the above section, almost all the hosting providers give you the option of hosting your email with them and they make it very simple for you to set up as well as to use the email, but still, there are a few points and lags which are always there when you want to use the email service provided by your hosting provider because ultimately they are specialists in hosting, not in email.

In these situations, third-party email system works best. There are a hell lot of companies which do provide email for domains with or without cost. One of the best services in the market for this is Outlook apps for domains.

Outlook aka Live aka Hotmail has been a pioneer in the field of email and messaging. The service from Microsoft has always been a trusted source for sending, receiving and storing emails. The new inbox is so customized that people even integrate their Gmail inbox with outlook and they read their emails on

Well, that was a bit about Hotmail online services, even if you come to the outlook software, there are millions of people who use this software to synchronize and read their email on their system. Let me take you through few points to make you aware of the benefits of outlook apps for domainsset up outlook mail for domains\n

Benefits of outlook email for domains

  • Outlook has been a trusted source for a long time now. You can use it for flexibility, reliability and security
  • If you are using a webmail provided by your hosting provider, then your mails and all the data will automatically get deleted if you ever think of migrating your hosting. However, no matter how many times you change your host, your emails will always be secure with
  • When it comes to third-party email for domains, Google apps and outlook apps are two main competitors. Google was a top choice priority till now until they started charging for this and now, people are not much interested in Google because it has become a little expensive and Microsoft is providing it for free.
  • Google apps used to provide only 5 free emails, however, Microsoft provides 50 free emails for an unlimited period.

Once you are familiar with the introduction and benefits of using outlook apps for domains, let me guide you through the procedure of how to set up outlook mail for domains. This is a very simple procedure and it should take less than 5 minutes if you are familiar with simple internet tricks and your hosting interface.\n

How to set up outlook mail for domains

Required things:

A domain, working hosting plan and one hotmail/ email address.

Procedure to set up outlook mail for domains

Navigate to and click on Add new domain. In order to add new domain, you will need to sign in with your hotmail/live/outlook or any other Microsoft account.

On the next screen, you will see some DNS/MX records which you need to enter at your hosting provider (For a detailed and graphical interpretation, you can check out the video attached to this post. There will be 2 different MX records which you need to add.

While entering the MX records, if you do not want to navigate to the domain every time, you can create a new CNAME record named as Mail which should point to, it will make sure that if you enter, you will be promoted to the login screen where you can just sign in and use your mail.

Once you have entered all the details, it will take a maximum of 10 minutes and then you can refresh the page on outlook domain adding page. Once it shows the confirmation that your domain has been verified, you can go onto adding the accounts.

add an account outlook apps for domainsI already mentioned that outlook has a positive point as compared to Google apps, because you have unlimited storage and you can add upto 50 accounts per domain, while in Google apps, you can add only 10 accounts in the free version.

Well, that is it from this post, I hope it was useful. Do let me know if you have any doubt and I will try my level best to solve that out for you.


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  1. Hey, Thanks for sharing the detailed procedure. Your article is really so helpful.

  2. Great post, Kunwar Prithvi…But I found it a bit confusing in HostGator cPanel, as MX Entry is a separate module, which cannot be seen or edited inside “Zone Editor” as in BlueHost.rnrnWhen I checked their support portal, I could find out that you have to create an MX record first from “MX Entry” and then create an “A Record” using “Zone Editor”. If so, the question is where to get the IP Address that is to be filled in “Address” field of the “A Record”, as doesn’t provide one.rnrnAnyways, my NameServers are pointing to CloudFlare, and hence my MX, TXT and CNAME records are to be changed there only.It would be great if you could take a look into HostGator cPanel and check if things are any different from what you have explained in this post. Thanks

    • Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan

      It does not depend on HostGator or Bluehost. Both the companies are using the same cpanel version and the procedure is the same. However, if you are using cloudflare, it would be better if you talk to the support team and ask them to do the same for you.

      • Thank u very much for the reply. rnrnThough cPanel looks exactly the same in HostGator and BlueHost, you can’t find MX in the drop down list of DNS Record Type, in the Zone Editor of HostGator. The Zone Editor of BlueHost is a bit elaborate and it contains all in one place.

  3. I always use Google apps for mail rather than my server host account because it has a really good spam filter.

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