Mailchimp vs Aweber. Which is Best email marketing tool?

Blogging and bloggers, both are getting professional. Gone are the times when blogging was all about writing some good content and building links aggressively to make sure your content ranks good in search engines and you get a considerable amount of traffic.

After a lot of Google Algo updates, people started to realize that it is not enough just to write content and build links. You need to master many more things if you want to stay in this BUSINESS OF BLOGGING.

There are many things which you need in order to make a profitable blogging business. One of those things is to have a genuine list of followers and the best way to manage your followers and to get the maximum out of them is email marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

As the name suggests, email marketing is another form of promotion where the main medium is emailing. The email marketer promotes the products via email by sending the product information and the link to buy that product.

The promotion mainly contains digital products. If someone signs up using the link in the email, then the sender gets a certain percent of the amount of the total amount, this is all how this concept of email marketing works.

Why email marketing?

There are a lot of reasons why people prefer email marketing over other ways of marketing, some of them I am mentioning below

  • It needs minimal efforts to generate maximum profit. The cost of sending emails is not much and it covers a large number of audience.
  • It is very time saving as sending email to 1 or 1000 members at a time takes the same amount of time.
  • The performance of an email campaign can be tracked manually. You get to know how many people clicked the link and signed up for the product. You get detailed reports about every single of your campaign.

To automate the whole process of email marketing, there are many services in the market providing their services. However, out of all those services, only Mailchimp and Aweber stand out. In this post, I will be writing in detail about both these services and the comparison of both.

MailChimp for beginners

\nMailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing tools which was launched recently but due to affordable rates and nice interface, this email marketing tool has got a lot of exposure.

Advantages of MailChimp

  1. Using MailChimp for the first time is free. That is one of the reason why many people sign up for this. While signing up, most of those people are newbies and they do not want to spend money on an experiment, thus people signup for MailChimp to experiment or to make some serious money out of email marketing.
  2. The delivery rate (number of total emails delivered) is pretty decent, which makes people to stick with this brand.
  3. You do not need to pay till you have 2000 subscribers. That is one of the added advantages. If you are having a business with around 1000-1500 subscribers, then you do not need to pay anything ever to MailChimp and you can always run a nice email campaign for free.
  4. There are some really nice templates and easy to customize tools which makes it very easy to design and run a campaign in no time. You do not need to have the knowledge of any coding or scripting language.

Disadvantages of MailChimp

  1. Using MailChimp is free till 2000 subscribers, but after that, the amount of money charged is more compared to other service providers.
  2. Users mainly use the email marketing tools to promote the affiliate products and MailChimp does not support affiliate promotion, which is a big disadvantage of this email marketing tool.
  3. Autoresponder does not work too well as compared to other email marketing tools available in the market.

Aweber for professional email marketers

\nWhen it comes to email marketing, Aweber is a respected name. Most of the professionals in this field use aweber for email marketing. Although it is not free, people like the support, the interface and the ease to use this platform.

Advantages of Aweber

  1. Aweber works best for the professionals who are looking for a reliable long term solution. The cost of using this platform works out relatively cheaper compared to other online tools present.
  2. The autoresponder is the best in business without any known bug. It auto replies to your customers with the message you have set.
  3. The templates are great, once you sign up and start designing your own forms, it works like charm. Within few clicks, you can design an awesome looking responsive signup form which can be used at any part of the website with any colour scheme.
  4. The best thing in email marketing, people can promote an unlimited number of affiliate products without any extra charge. It becomes really profitable if you have a niche email list with some potential customers.
  5. The Aweber support is pretty awesome and ready to solve your issues 24*7. If you have any problems in setting up your account, using some service or designing an email form, they are always committed to helping you out.

Disadvantages of Aweber

  1. No free trial. Even if you are a newbie, you need to pay from the first day.

Aweber vs Mailchimp

mailchimp vs aweberComparing this 2 terms seems as I am comparing the 2 legends. One such post I had written before, where I wrote a comparison on HostGator vs Bluehost.

MailChimp and Aweber, both are very popular email marketing tools. Both are recommended by many of the users. Let me compare both these tools on some basis


MailChimp is free for first 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails per month. If you think you are fine with those stats, then this remains fine for you.

If you are aiming high from the very first day, then Aweber will be a better option for you to opt. Once you cross the 2000 subscribers mark, then Aweber becomes comparatively cheaper for you and you get to enjoy all the awesome features of Aweber at a comparatively lower price.

For those people who do not have belief in what they are doing, it is better to leave it. Believe me, if you are determined to make things happen, then you will cross that 2000 subscribers mark easily. So just think wisely and decide.


Both these brands perform awesome in customer support. MailChimp, as well as Aweber, provide excellent customer support with 24*7 accessibility.


Performance wise both, MailChimp as well as Aweber perform pretty good. So I can term both as decent in this regard.\n\r\n


Tracking wise, Aweber wins the battle. There are some awesome tracking features in this service which give you a great experience while tracking the delivery, ctr as well as the conversion rate of your email campaign. You always know how many emails were delivered and how many emails were clicked and on how many emails you got a commission.

Delivery Rate

MailChimp has better spam filters, but still, sometimes emails end up in the spam folder. Aweber, however, wins this because of the awesome control and almost all the emails end up getting delivered normally.


Features are same in terms of both these services. However, the only difference is, you cannot promote affiliate products in MailChimp and in case of Aweber you can do that with awesome ease and support.

My personal experience

I have used Aweber as well as MailChimp and I seriously do not see much difference apart from that fact that MailChimp is free and does not support affiliate promotion. If you want to promote your affiliate products to a wider audience, then you are surely suggested to go for Aweber. However, it completely depends on your use case and if you are still doubtful about making a choice, feel free to ask me in the comments section and I will be happy to discuss the case with you. Cheers.

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