[Infographic] Some real facts and figures about Blogging

The way of blogging is changed in the last decade. Before around 10 years, there were very few blogs and bloggers, but then suddenly the number started to increase and currently there are a hell lot number of blogs online and most of them are in the tech niche.

Sometimes, when people try to think about the fact that what led to the sudden increase in the number of blogs online? Well, the answer is unpredictable. Some people do it for hobby and some people do it to earn some serious money. Whatever the reason may be, in this post today, I do have something interesting for you. I will be sharing an infographic mentioning some real facts about blogging.Facts about bloggingI hope this would be useful for you. Let me know if you have any doubt related to anything in this niche and I will try my level best to solve them out for you.

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