How to choose perfect theme for blog

There are a lot of things you need to do to get your blog a bit of popularity, in this post, I will be telling the importance of having a good theme and then some tips to choose the perfect theme for your blog.

Starting from the basics as I always do, firstly I will write a bit about

What is a Website/Blog theme ?

Blog or website theme is the framework which is designed to keep all your posts, pages, images and videos in a structural way. Different themes have different designs and functionalities and there are different themes for different purposes. Like If you have a tech blog, you will probably go with a theme which has a featured posts column on the top and then the latest posts. If you have a photo blog or a video blog, you will want to go for a theme which is designed like thumbnails.

In my personal experience, I am using a theme which shows the latest posts with featured image on my other blog, but on this blog, I have tried to keep things simple by not putting those images. This tells a lot in itself. This blog is basically about all those blogging tips and techniques so I do not need to put any kind of images in my posts. At least till now I dint face a need to include images. If I feel in the future that there is a need for any picture to be included in the post, I will do that. At the same time, is a blog about How to tutorials, so there I need to explain every trick with the help of some screenshots and an average post on that blog contains 5-6 images.

How to choose theme for your blog?

Below are some tips which will guide you throughout the process of choosing the best theme for your blog

  • Make out your exact requirements : Have an idea in mind about your exact requirements and then start searching for your theme. Mainly these requirements include the idea of website you are having in your mind. There are several types of blog or website, Like photo blog, video blog, news blog, tech blog. All these styles need a different kind of theme. Once you have an exact idea about what all features and designs you need in your theme, you can go onto the next points I mentioned.
  • Get an idea of your competitor’s blog/website: If you are into this blogosphere, you would surely be having someone as your competitor or your ideal. So visit their website once, get an idea of the design they are using. This will give you a fair idea about your needs and requirements on a theme.
  • Explore WordPress Theme Store: WordPress has a lot of free themes developed by either WordPress Programmers or freelancers. In WordPress search for themes, you can put your exact requirements like if you want single double or multi-column theme, the colour scheme, the type of theme etc. Once you have entered your requirements, WordPress will filter the themes and display the ones matching your requirements. If you get a theme in WordPress themestore which you like, within a few clicks you can install and apply that theme on your blog.
  • Explore some other free theme-galleries: There are several websites on the Internet having a large database of WordPress, Blogger or other HTML/CSS themes. Many of them often provided free themes for download. If you do not get a free theme according to your need, you can either buy a premium subscription of that theme store to explore what they have in theor premium section. But always remember, do not spend a single penny on theme-stores which are not trusted much. For testing the trust of users, you can see online reviews written by their users and other webmasters.
  • Hire a coder: If you can afford to spend a bit on your dream theme, you should consider hiring a coder who can work according to your instructions and give you an exact output how you want. This might just be a bit expensive but it will give you exact design, features and satisfaction you want. To hire a coder, you can explore freelancing websites or webmaster forums and you will surely get someone eligible for this job.

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These were some of those tips which you can follow if you are looking to choose a theme for your blog or website. Always remember that if you do not have an idea of design you want in your theme, you are not going to suceed in finding a good theme. So first decide the layout, color scheme and design of your expected theme in your mind and then start search. I am sure you will end up getting the perfect theme for your blog.

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