Basic things to know before starting blog

Ready to start posting on your blog? Well, read this exclusive post about some of the Basic things to know before starting blog.\n\r

\n\n\r\nJust when you are ready with your blog and thinking to kick start things, there are basic something you should know about blogging. These things are not of some professional level or something which you need to learn. These are some very normal things and every blogger should have them in mind before thinking of going for a successful blogging venture.\n\r\n

Basic Things to know before starting blog

\nStart as a passion and then turn into the profession : I have personally known many bloggers, who started after looking at some of the great bloggers. They made them their ideal and started on the same niche. Today, almost all of them have given up. Going into the reason behind their short term career as a blogger, I found out that the main reason behind their failure was the expectations they had from the very first day. They took blogging as it could fetch them a huge amount of money from the very first day.\n\r\nBe consistent : A big secret behind the success of great bloggers is their consistency. They have not achieved anything in a day and if you also want to be successful like them, you have to be really consistent with everything you do with your blog i.e. writing, SEO, social media promotions etc.\n\r\nFollow your passion not the trend : The same tip i gave in a recent post also when i wrote, How to choose niche before starting blog . Being a blogger, you have to do what you want, not what others are doing or what is the biggest trend going on currently. Always write on the topic you like most. That assures the quality in work and you never get bored of blogging. This has been a main reason why many bloggers gave up. Do not get carried away with the best niche in the market, just think once that the best blogger in the world today, started from level 1 someday.\n\r\nBlog does not get popular overnight : In the first few days, if you can not get a decent amount of traffic to your blog, do not get demotivated. Any blog does not get popular overnight. The only thing you can do is, keep writing and making your efforts in promotions. Consistency has always been the key behind every business.\n\r\nMoney does not come instantly : If you think that the day you start blog and write 4-5 articles over it, you will start getting a good amount of money, then I must tell you that you are wrong. Before you start making a good amount of money from your blog, you need to make a lot of efforts. Blogging is not as easy as an outsider thinks. You get to know of the real secrets of blogging ones you are inside it completely.\n\r\n

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