How to choose best domain and hosting provider

An exclusive guide about some of the best Domain and hosting providers in the market. Also some valuable tips on How to choose best domain and hosting provider .

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What are Domain and Hosting ?

\nDomain : Domain is the name of the website. As you can see, the name of this blog is . So KPSBLOG.COM is the domain name. The domain name is also the name which is used to identify your website in billion other websites on this globe.\n\nHosting : Hosting is the space on the internet, which is available to you to store your files used in the website. These files can contain anything that you can display on a website like text, scripts, images, audio and video files etc.\n

Best Domain Providers :

\nGodaddy: Godaddy, since last 15 years has been the best domain provider in the market. Because of the security, ease to register and use domain and great user feedbacks make it the best and most trusted domain provider.\n\nI am keeping just one name in the list of best domain providers because this is the only service, which has been truely trusted all this time. There are thousands of other web services which provide domain names like , , Bluehost and Hostgator, but  I will always advice you to buy your domain from Godaddy.\n

Best Hosting Providers :

\nBluehost : Bluehost has not been around since a long time, but after the launch, it has had significant impact on the website industory that it hosts around 15% of all the domains registered till date.\n\nHostGator : Hostgator is also one of the most popular services to host your website. In recent times, Hostgator has been pretty awesome in providing great plans and high uptime to its users. At the same time, hosting plans at Hostgator are a bit affordable than compared to other providers.\n\nGodaddy : Godaddy has never been a big name in terms of hosting, but it is using it’s dominance over the market to get a good name in hosting too. Godaddy provides the cheapest hosting plans and the server speed is  awesome.\n

Some tips on How to choose best domain and hosting provider



  • Never look for what others are using. Always figure out your exact requirements and then look for hosting plans available with the host you have chosen.
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  • If you have a big fan base and expecting your website to go popular in no time, then I would advice you to go for either VPS or a dedicated server. Avoid Shared Hosting in that condition.
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  • Have a rough idea of the bandwidth and diskspace your host is providing with the hosting plan you are planning to buy. If you have a website which mainly deals with heavy traffic and high transfer of data, then you should go for unlimited disk space and bandwidth.
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  • Being frank, this is my personal experience that never go for cheap or free stuffs in terms of Hosting. Because when these hosting companies give away some free accounts or give a huge discount, it means they are filling up the space on their waste servers. I have been a vistom of this when I took a hosting from a reputed company under an offer, later I realized that my server speed was 70% slower than other servers provided by the same host just because my account was a part of an offer.
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