How to choose domain name for blog

Confused over choosing a eye catching domain name? Here’s how to choose domain name for blog or a company.. \n\r

\n\n\r\nDomain name is undoubtedly one of the main factors in the success of a blog, a brand or a company. Getting a good domain name makes it very easier to popularize it and get some authority. In this post, I will be telling about major types of domain and then some tips on choosing a domain name for your blog.\n\r\nMainly Domain names are of two kinds,\n\r\n


  1. Branded Domain
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  3. Keyword Domain
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\nBranded domain, are easy to remember words which have nothing to do with the niche. These domains are meant to be short and simple. Take an example of my other tech blog , this domain is just a branded domain which can be easily remembered by people. This word in itself, does not make sense. Commenti is not a proper word, but Comment is. Adding ‘ I ‘ at the end makes it look pretty good. This blog is also a domain of such kind, having no keyword in it. I just gave it my name and launched. The main thing in these branded domains is, people remember them very easily and come to your blog very often. It increases the direct traffic count on your Analytics account.\n\r\nKeyword Domain, are the domain having a keyword inside, like Techcrunch, Bloggingadvices, ProfessionalBloggers. These domains are supposed to get extra benefit in SERP ( Search Engine Ranking Positions). But this works only when you have a site with great content. Because in a recent Google Algo Update, named as Google Exact Match Domain, Google penalized all those sites which were taking benefit of the keyword in the Domain. So after this update, one needs to be careful of Choosing a keyword domain. But if you have good content and do proper SEO, it will not be a problem for you.\n\r\n

Tips on choosing best domain for your blog



  • Always have in mind, what is the audience group you are targeting to. If you think you will not be very dependent on Search Engine traffic, rather you will target direct people because you have a great fan base on search engines or you have a great network, in that consition going for short branded domain will be good for you.
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  • If you are new to this field and do not have a network, but you want to get popularity by writing content according to search engines and target Search Engine Traffic, then going for a Keyword domain will be more suitable for you.
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  • Always try to have the keyword at the beginning of the domain. That gives an extra edge to search engines while ranking your content. If you and your competitor have the same domain authority, then Google looks at the keyword position in the domain and the document title.
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  • If you can not get an exact domain you are searching, try searching some of the synonyms of one or all the words in domain.
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  • You can also try adding “-” in your domain because many 2 word phrases are already registered and might not be available. So adding a “-” in your domain might get you your desired name.
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\nThis was a short differentiation and some tips on How you can choose a perfect domain name for your blog. Let me know if it was of some help to you.\n\r\n


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  1. Choosing a Good Domain Name is crucial for a blog’s long term success! I noticed that in your post you mentioned using “hyphens” don’t you think they somewhat lower the brand recall vs the efficiency of a domain?

    • The efficiency of the domain only depends on the content you have and the SEO you have done. The name sometimes depends only on the branding. When I had written the post, there was no EMD (Exact Match Domain) algorithm by google. So you need to keep that in mind as well. Because the exact match domain algorithm is mainly for those people who depends only on the domain name for the seo reputation.

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