WP Super Cache causing Internal Server Error? Delete it completely from server

This post will guide you to remove WP super cache plugin from your web server completely. Check inside for more information.

\n\n\nWP Super cache is arguably the best WordPress plugin for caching purposes. According to WordPress, this plugin has been downloaded and installed on different WordPress blogs for over 5 million times.\n\nWP Super Cache works great when you are tried to make a cache of your website and it speeds up your blog which makes it great for you as a webmaster and your visitors. WP Super Cache makes sure that loading time of your blog is pretty decent that the visitors with slower internet connection also can easily access you blog.\n\nwp super cache plugin\n\nHowever, once when you try to change your web server or you make some changes on your blog and do change some WP Super Cache plugin settings, you might get internal server error.  In my last post I discussed in detail about this error and ways to fix it. However, if the problem is caused just because you uninstalled WP Super Cache plugin or you changed your web host, then the problem can be because of the caching plugin you using. In this post, I will be discussing on how to remove WP Super Cache plugin completely from your web server.\n

Delete WP Super Cache plugin completely from web server

\nIf your blog is giving Internal Server Error, then obviously you will not be able to access it. So in that case, what you will need to do is, you will need to log into your ftp client and manually delete all the files from there. Here I will be telling you the locations of all the plugin as well as the cache files stored by this plugin which you will need to delete to make sure that your website works fine after getting rid of the internal server error caused by WP Super Cache.\n\nWP Super Cache Plugin folder\n\nJust Navigate to root directory of your blog > WP-Contents > Plugins. You will find the folder named as WP Super Cache. Delete that.\n\nCache configuration files\n\nThere will be 2 files in the root of WP-content folder named as WP-cache-config.php and Advance cahce.php. Delete both of these files.\n\nCache folder\n\nThere will be a folder named as cache inside the same WP-Content folder, that contains all the cached pages of your website. Delete that folder. keep in mind that if you have an established website since a bit of time, then this folder might take pretty long to be deleted.\n\nDelete the code from WP-config.php file\n\nThe main location which asks the plugin to cache your pages is WP-config.php file. Open this file and locate\n

define(‘WP_CACHE’, true); //Added by WP-Cache Manager\ndefine( ‘WPCACHEHOME’, ‘/home4/kpsblogc/public_html/bblog/wp-content/plugins/wp-super-cache/’ ); //Added by WP-Cache Manager

\ndelete the above 3 line code from the file and upload it back to the server.\n\nAnd you are done. You just deleted all the files related to WP Super Cache plugin from your server. Now you can again install WP Super Cache plugin for WordPress and configure it with the default settings and it would work fine. Below is a video which will graphically interpret what all I discussed in this video. Take a look\n\n\nI hope this post was useful. Do not forget to leave a Thank You note if this post helped you. Let me know if you have any other issues related to anything in blogging, I will try my level best to solve that out for you,

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