Internal Server Error in WordPress and ways to fix it

Facing Internal Server Error in WordPress blog? Check this post on ways to fix Internal Server Error in WordPress.

\n\n\nIf you are reading this post, then I am 100% sure that you are a webmaster with some online presence. That online presence might just be a blog, a website, a couple of them or a whole bunch of blogs and website. Well, doesn’t matter, if you use internet regularly and surf at least a few websites other then Facebook, then surely you would have come across a page with an error like HTTP 500 internal server error . Internal server error is one of the most experienced WordPress error which can be very hectic if you do not have very good knowledge about WordPress development. Well, if you have got Internal Server Error on your blog, then you do not need to panic, you are at the right place, in this post, I will be writing about Internal Server error in WordPress and ways to fix it. But before I go onto the solution to fix internal server error, let me tell in brief about what exactly it is and why does it occur\n

What is Internal Server error

\ninternal server error\n\n \n\n \n\nInternal server error is one of the common error for WordPress blogs. Because of this error, your website goes down and no one can access it from any part of the world. When this error occurs, the screen shows the message which I just showed in the screenshot.\n

Reasons behind Internal Server Error

\nFirst of all, let me tell you that this error is not specifically for WordPress blogs, This error might occur on any kind of website running on a server.\n\nTalking specifically about WordPress, this error occurs because of the problem with the coding of themes and plugins. Internal server error in WordPress is not specific every time, so that for the developer or you as a webmaster it can be very hectic to find the exact cause behind Internal Server Error.\n\nThere are few other instances where Internal Server Error might occur on WordPress blog, like corrupted htaccess file or php memory limit. In this post below, I will be writing about troubleshooting these error so that this will not be a problem for you anymore to get rid of the Internal Server error in WordPress.\n

Fix Internal Server Error in WordPress

\nInternal Server error because of Themes/plugin\n\nAs I told in the above section, there might be times when you install some new theme and suddenly your blog starts giving that irritating error or you just install some new plugin or update one and then you get that error. Well, if that is the case, you can directly go to the ftp of your blog and delete the folder of that theme or plugin from the wp-content menu.\n\nIf you did not recently install any of the theme or the plugin, then in that case, you will have to deactivate all the plugins. If the problem is caused because of any of the plugin then your blog will start working fine once you deactivate all the plugins. If your blog starts working fine, then you can activate those plugins one by one and you will come to know that which plugin was exactly casing the problem.\n\nIf after deactivating all the plugins, the internal server error still there, then activate all the plugin and delete the current theme folder which you are using on your blog. After deleting your current theme, your blog theme will be automatically changed to the default WordPress theme so you do not need to worry, if it starts working fine, then Ok, otherwise restore the theme folder and look for other possibilities.\n\nInternal Server error because of corrupted htaccess file\n\nhtaccess file has a great impact on a WordPress blog. Not having this file doesn’t actually matter, but if you have this file on your blog and it the configuration of this file goes wrong, then it can be a serious issue for you. Some days back, the same internal server error occurred on my blog and I could not figure out on what was the problem, finally I just tried deleting the htaccess file from the server and it worked fine.\n\nIf you do not want to delete this file, then simply rename it to something else and if the problem is caused by htaccess file, then your blog will be fine once you delete or rename that file.\n\nInternal server error in WordPress because of PHP memory limit\n\nPHP memory limit is not actually based on the poor configuration of files and code on your server, this occur mainly because of your server settings. So you can’t actually be directly responsible for it until and unless you have a dedicated server. This problem occurs when you are trying to log into your WordPress dashboard or trying to upload some media.\n\nTo get rid of the Internal Server Error which occurs due to PHP memory limit, you will need to create a file and upload it to the wp-admin folder on your ftp client. The process and the content of that file is written below\n


  • Open notepad
  • \n

  • type memory=64MB .
  • \n

  • and save the file as php.ini , make sure in the file type column, you select all files, otherwise notepad will save it as a text file and not as a ini file.
  • \n

  • Now upload that file to the wp-admin folder on your ftp server.
  • \n

\nThis process will make you get rid of the internal server error if it is caused due to PHP memory limit.\n\nThese were some of the ways using which you can fix Internal Server Error in WordPress. Make sure to leave a Thank you not in the comments section if this article helped you. For any doubt, you can always approach me through comments and I will try my level best to solve the issues for you.\n\nBelow is a video created by myself to make sure you do not have nay doubt. If you do ot get how to do it in the text post, you can simply checkout the video and hopefully your doubt will be cleared.\n\n


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  1. Thanks for this great guide. I just got the same error and thanks to you I was able to get rid of it.

  2. I got this error becoz of error in Social Share plugin. Actually, these problem is arising these days becoz of the plugin version is not up to date with the wordpress version. I recommend all the victims to check the error logs from your server and then try to fix the issue from cPanel itself.

  3. Thanks for your help Kunwar. Now my blog is a total mess. It has this exact problem, but I don’t know if I must wait for support or do it myself. I hope that everthing goes well and things start falling into place with my blog. I can’t work right now ! Anyway, I’ll keep doing my online business anyway. Greetings from Mexico.

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