HostGator Vs Bluehost . A battle for Glory

A comparison between Worlds’ 2 best hosting providers. Check inside for a detailed Hostgator vs Bluehost comparison.

\n\n\nOver the last 4 years, since I started my first blog on self hosted WordPress platform, I have experienced several hosts available online. While experiencing all these Hosting providers, I noticed one thing, that doesn’t matter what the promotional wallpaper says, you should never believe on the things offered by the host until you experience them and be sure that they do provide all the things as they had expected.\n\nIf you are actually looking to choose a web host and you are a new blogger, then I am sure you would be looking for some shared hosting plan. Hostgator and Bluehost, both are pioneers in the field of shared hosting. While Hostgator claim that they are the biggest web host on the planet, Bluehost is not so far behind, thanks to the massive increase in the costumer base over the past few years.\n\nIn this post, I will be writing an in depth comparison of both these web hosts (HostGator vs Bluehost), so that you can be in a condition to decide which one is better of them.\n


\nhostgator\n\nFounded in 2002, by a university student, Hostgator is a Houston based web hosting company which has their offices in Texas and India. Because of the massive increase in the user base, HostGator has been named as one of the leading hosting companies by many online and offline sources.\n\nHostgator set up their office in India to better assist the subcontinent and Asian users in 2011, after signing up with some agencies to make their hosting solutions environmental friendly. According to surveys and online reports, HostGator currently hosts around 15 million domains and is clearly on the list of pioneers in Shared hosting.\n\nIn 2012, Hostgator was aquired by EIG (Endurance Intl Group).\n



bluehost\n\r\nOne of the first companies to be launched in the web hosting arena, BlueHost was launched way back in 1996. Due to lack of promotions, high price and many other factors, Bluehost could not grab the attention it deserved and it somewhere lacked in the progress, however, in recent years, after adapting the green initiative to host the client sites, Bluehost has undergone a massive progress which ranks it as one of the best hosting companies on the earth for now.\n\nBluehost has been the first choice for many webmasters since a bit of time because of the great service, performance and the addons. This service is currently owned by EIG (Endurance Intl Group)\n

HostGator Vs Bluehost

\nFor now, both these companies are owned by the same group, Bluehost was initially launched by EIG, however, Hostgator was acquired by them later.\n\nIn the service, and the performance, these companies rank very much similar, but in recent few months, people have been complaining about some problems and Hostgator is losing their plot for many reasons.\n\nFirst thing, why people are migrating from Hostgator is less CPU usage. I have used HostGator for over 8 months, and my account was suspended for many times, with a reason that I was using the CPU more than I could. While being with Bluehost, I never faced the same problem. I am hosting the same number of websites with the same content without any issue with Bluehost.\n\nIf we compare the pricing, then for the basic plan with unlimited domain, Bluehost is better if you go for plans for over a year, Hostgator is not far behind, but is comparatively more expansive as compared to BlueHost. In the pro plan, however, Bluehost is little costlier than HostGator.\n\nSecurity wise, both the companies are placed well on the top.\n\nMy personal View\n\nI have tried both these hosting services and I will surely give my vote to Bluehost. Bluehost is better is many aspects as per as I have experienced, and I am pretty sure that even if you are thinking of choosing a web host, then Bluehost will be a better choice.

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  1. My vote goes to hostgator definitely.. 🙂

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