What is ClickBombing? How to report and stop it?

Getting a lot of Invalid clicks on Adsense Ads? That might be ClickBombing. Check inside to know about what is Clickbombing and How to report it to Google.

\r\n\r\n\r\nBeing a Google Adsense publisher, you might see your earnings fluctuate many times. Even after earning an amount, you might notice that after an hour, your earning has gone down. It is pretty much obvious at the end of the month when Google finalizes your earnings. In my case, I have noticed quite a few times when the earning lowers down a bit (or a lot sometimes).\r\n\r\nGoogle Adsense Logo\r\n

Why Did Google Adsense Earning went down? (What caused removal of clicks?)

\r\nApart from the heading you might have one more doubt,\r\n\r\nWhy didn’t I get any revenue even after a number of clicks?\r\n\r\nBeing a Google Adsense Publisher, we all do sign an agreement while signing up for the account. That agreement has a few conditions. According to that, the advertisers are always on a positive side and if there is any suspicious activity on your account (Intentional clicks/ clicks which were not converted in a potential inquiry or sales). There are a few conditions when Google removes the clicks lowering down your earning\r\n\r\nCustomer backs out instantly\r\n\r\nGoogle is a PPC (Pay Per Click) Ad network and you get paid on the basis of number of clicks your visitors do while visiting your website. There are chances when someone clicks on a targeted Ad and backs out before the page has even loaded. In that kind of condition, even if you are paying and earning is reflected in your Adsense account, while validating, Google removes the extra sum you got.\r\n\r\nUnusual behavior on the Advertiser’s website\r\n\r\nOnce a visitor clicks on an Ad, Google as well as the website where he has landed, both track the behavior of the visitor. Tracking behavior mainly includes finding out the way he interacts with the Advertiser’s website. If he is a potential buyer, he will surely go systematically to the sales page, but here are quite a few visitors who just click here and there just to show that they have been active on the Advertiser’s page. In that kind of situation, which cannot be termed as a potential lead for the advertiser, Google removes the extra revenue you generated from that click.\r\n\r\nAutomated Clicks\r\n\r\nThere can be some crawling bot or a kind of software which causes automatic click on the advertisements appearing on a particular website. Both the cases can easily be detected by Google and you never get paid for it. There are chances when you might get a bit for those clicks, but then after validating, Google removes that extra revenue from your account.\r\n\r\nSelf Clicking\r\n\r\nWhile signing up for Google Adsense program, we agree that we wont ever click on our own ads. Still, there are many publishers who just for the sake of few extra dollars in their account, click on the advertisements. That is very much harmful. Firstly because Google will never pay you for that, second, if you do that for a number of times, your account will be banned permanently.\r\n\r\nClickBombing\r\n\r\nClickBombing is something which is usually not done by the blogger himself, whereas other rival bloggers or the competitors do that. In this case also, Google never pays you. More about this term is written below\r\n

What is ClickBombing? Who did that on your blog?

\r\nClickbombing can be termed as the last thing which the publishers want to face. It is when you suddenly get a huge number of clicks on the ads displaying on your websites, and those are repeated. These clicks are mostly done by some of the software and sometimes personally and the aim of the person doing that is, to get your adsense account disabled.\r\n\r\nNow, you would be wondering why will someone be after you to make efforts to disable your account? Well, there might be various reasons. Someone might just be jealous of you, or you would have shared your earning details which might just be a dream for someone, well there might be many reasons and once you face clickbombing on your website, you seriously have no point in sitting and thinking why did someone do that, rather, you should confirm whether it was seriously a clickbombing attack or you are just worrying? Below are some of the points which will help you confirm if it was a clickbombing attack.\r\n

How to know if you just got Clickbombed?



  • Very high amount of traffic : The moment you see a sudden traffic coming up (Your traffic just boosted from 20 visits/day to 500 or may be 1000), you should verify the sources. If the traffic is coming from search engines, that means your traffic is very much genuine and you did gain some of the ranking in SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position), or if the traffic is referred by some authority site, then also you can be assured, but if your traffic is direct, with many visitors from the same city, then there might be something fishy.
  • \r\n

  • Very high CTR (Click Through Rate) : If you get an average of 100 page-views and 2-3 clicks everyday and suddenly on the same number of pageviews you get 30-40 clicks, that surely proves someone is trying very hard to get you clickbombed.
  • \r\n

  • Traffic from Strange countries : Being a blogger, you always have an idea about the demographics of your visitors. If you get many visitors from a specific country for a long time and suddenly you see some of the countries from where you never got traffic and suddenly you are getting hundreds or thousands of visits, that makes sure that someone is just trying Proxy/VPN to hide identity and visit your blog.
  • \r\n

  • Very Short Visit Duration : Unless and until you have a social networking site or a tutorial site, you wont have comparatively high duration of traffic, but if it drops even further and goes in a few seconds, then you need to worry a little.
  • \r\n

  • Very High Bounce Rate : Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who stay only on one page of your blog and then migrate away. In that condition, if a person only want to click on the ads, he will stay only on a page for a few seconds. That again proves there was a clickbombing attack on the blog.
  • \r\n

\r\nThese were some of the signs which prove if you had a clickbombing attack on your website. Once it is confirmed, you need to take actions to minimize the effect of this attack and to make sure that nothing like this takes place in future.\r\n\r\nFirst of all, you need to report it to adsense so that they do not disable your account.\r\n

How to report Invalid Clicks (ClickBombing) to Google

\r\nIt is always better to integrate your Analytics and Adsense accounts together, so that you can always track the records related to Adsense also. This is very much useful in case of clickbombing, because once you provide the IP address and demographic locations of the person who has clickbombed your website.\r\n\r\nHowever it is not very necessary to provide IP address of the person who did that, but that surely increases your chance of not getting banned from Adsense. To report, you can click here to fill Invalid Clicks Contact Form. You should provide maximum information you have about the suspicious activity on your account. The more and accurate information you provide, more are the chances of not getting banned from Adsense.\r\n

How to prevent ClickBombing?

\r\nOnce you fill the contact form and ask Google not to ban your account because of the suspicious activity which took place on your blog, you need to make sure that this kind of activity does not take place in the future. For that, I have given few tips below\r\n


  • Disable Adsense ads for a while form the website which faced the attack. You can do it manually by removing the code from the website or you can even disable the domain form the list of authorized websites in your adsense accounts.
  • \r\n

  • Make sure to get the IP address of the person by integrating Adsense as well as Analytics account and block that IP.
  • \r\n

  • Do not place a lot of advertisement above the title. There are bloggers who put a lot of ads above the content which makes it easier for people to click on the ads.
  • \r\n

\r\nThese were the tips which help people to prevent clickbombing in the future. If you want to be more assured, you can install soem plugin which will automatically prevent clickbombing attack on your website.\r\n

Best plugins to prevent (Stop) ClickBombing

\r\n1. Who Sees Ads\r\n\r\nThis is a very powerful plugin which has several options to choose from. Once you install this plugin, you get a control panel where you can choose options of where do you want to show the advertisements. You can opt to show advertisements to your regular readers, readers coming to your website from search engines and a lot more. This plugin generates a bit of code which you need to place inside the theme code. Once you do that, this works perfectly.\r\n\r\n2. ClickBomb Defense\r\n\r\n\r\nThis plugin also works perfect and you need not to put any code. You can put settings in the control panel of how many visits a user can have before the ads are disabled for that user. This makes sure that user can not load it for multiple times, and if he does, ads wont be appearing anymore.\r\n\r\nThat is it in this post from me. I hope I have covered everything in this post. Do let me know if you still have any more doubt. I will try my level best to solve them for you.

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