5 Tips to write an Excellent Blog post

This post will take you through all the points you need to know to write an awesome blog post. So read out for tips to write an excellent blog post.

\r\n\r\n\r\nIf someone asks me, what are the main points, which need to be included in a blog post to make it excellent, then I might have a lot of those points and the list and description of all those point will take a few thousand words, taking a lot of time to read.\r\n\r\nThis is just because being a perfect blogger needs a lot of experience and learning, but it is equally important how you can share your experience according to the situation. Napoleon Hill was once asked, Sir, how much time will you take to prepare a one hour speech? He said 10 minutes. To prepare a 10 minute speech? He said 1 hour. To prepare a 1 minute speech? He said at least 5 days. The person who was questioning got amazed and asked, how can you prepare 1 hour speech in just 10 minutes and you need 5 days to prepare a 1 minute speech? Napoleon Hill then answered, It is always easy to go and speak everything you have in mind, but when it comes to summarize that in short, it is always difficult.\r\n\r\nThis post post of mine is pretty much on the same basis. If someone asks me to list out all the points to write a great blog post, I can easily list over 25-30 points, but if I am asked to tell the best 5 points which can make a blog post better, then I might be in a bit of thought for a while or maybe for a bit of time, but i took a lot of time to think and decide about this post and finally, now I am here with this post to share with you 5 best tips to write an excellent blog post.\r\n\r\npopular-blog\r\n

Have something useful for your readers

\r\nAlways, think that you need to give your readers something useful so that they like your blog and become a permanent reader. Whenever, you start writing a blog post, you should think the kind of impact it is going to have on your readers. Will they like it? Will it be useful for them? Will it answer the queries they have? If the answer of all the above questions is yes, then you should go ahead with your post and if it is a no, then you might need to spend a bit on analyzing that what might be the reason behind that no.\r\n

Write for readers, not search Engines

\r\nIf you try to become artificial thinking that the sentence should be correct according to the grammar rules and should have proper form of verb and all, then you might just miss a lot of action. Frankly speaking, Google will now penalize your website just because in a sentence you used second form of verb instead of first. LOL. Google does not go in depth of grammar, the only thing Google looks is, whether your sentences are readable or not.\r\n\r\nThis gives you a conclusion against a fact that you might have read at many places. Writing in an artificial style is not at all necessary, however, you need to learn writing for the readers. You should always use direct language, lot of I and You words, direct examples (As I gave about Napoleon Hill) etc. These things make your posts more interesting and people do get something every time they read your post.\r\n

Headlines do matter

\r\nThere will be a great amount of visitors, who read your post as a political science textbook. They will seriously not be interested in what crap you have written, they will just scroll, read you headlines and leave. In the case if you have great and attractive headlines, you have a great chance to convince those readers to read the content which is there inside.\r\nHeadlines are many, one is what you give as the post title and others you give inside the post content. If you put a bit of time to work on these headlines, then it will be very easy for you to make a responding community over your blog.\r\n

Write in series or build momentum

\r\nThe best thing of a blog post is that, you can have a huge momentum going as a series. If you are writing a blog post today, and you have a strategy of linking every new post to 3-4 existing posts, then the users who are reading the current blog post tend to click on the links pointing to your previous blog post and that is where the momentum starts. If you have quality content on your blog, people will surely love being engaged with your blog and then the navigation to the website will start.\r\n\r\nThere is one more way of building the momentum. You can try giving your users a hint about the next post you are going to write. This will make them eager to read your next post if the title you provided is eye catching. This can result in a huge number of loyal and dedicated readers.\r\n

Make your readers interact

\r\nOnce your blog post is published, you still have some tasks remaining. You should always make sure that more and ore people do come to your blog, read the content, interact with each other in form of comments etc. This helps in building a great platform for lifetime. A huge number of comments flowing in keeps the post alive and updating and it is a very good sign considering the interaction. Continued update keeps your posts higher in search engines and you do not lose your rankings even if you do not update the blog posts manually for months and years.\r\n\r\nThese were some of the tips which will help you to convert your traditional blog post into an attractive one and will make sure that you are considered as an awesome writer always. If you have any query, feel free to write to me in the comments section.\r\n

Today’s question : What are the strategies you implement while writing a new blog post. Does those strategies prove to be useful? How?


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