How to get more readers response on blog

Are you struggling with less readers engagement and response? Then here’s the post on how to get more readers response on blog. Check it out.

\r\n\r\n\r\nBlogging has become very much common these days. Everyone is trying to get into blogging and make some extra income just because blogging seems easy to the outsiders. Well, blogging might just be easy, if you implement some of the fundas and be dedicated to your readers and consistent in writing. Blogging gives you a great chance to earn a lot of income if you follow some basic steps. Blogging is not at all a tough task, provided you take it as passion, not just another source to earn money.\r\n\r\nBeing a blogger, doesn’t matter how good and experienced you are, doesn’t matter how good you write, doesn’t matter how good you promote, doesn’t matter how great you integrate, the only thing which matters is, how many visitors you get, how do they interact on your blog and how much they respond to your posts. Getting some visitors on your blog and convincing them to respond in form of comments, social shares is a very tough task. Being honest, this is said by many great bloggers, that without readers response, your blog is of no worth. If you are trying very hard for months and years and still not getting any response, then something is wrong. If you haven’t succeeded in it yet, this is a post for you. In this post, I will be writing about some of the ways using which you can get more readers response and make your blog very popular.\r\n\r\nBelow are some of the reasons behind having  a blog without much of response from the readers and then the tips to overcome those.\r\n



You are a newbie

\r\nIf are a newbie, then this will be a common problem for you and you can have a genuine excuse. A blog does not get popular from the very first day. You need to keep continue putting your efforts for some days, weeks and months. There are various theories about the time taken for a blog to be completely visible in search engines and that time varies. If you write more than one post daily and be very active in promotions, you will be popular across search engines very soon.\r\n\r\nSolution\r\n\r\nThe solution to this problem is very simple. You need to build a bit of authority for your blog. Once you have that authority, search engines will start giving preference to your blog in SERP (Search Engine Ranking Positions). You should work bit on SEO, if you have a new blog, check How to start SEO for blog.\r\n

Your readers do not like your content

\r\nContent is the king of the blog. Your blog is always praised on the basis of the content you have. Readers complement your writing style, but if do not have anything unique, have grammatical mistakes, poor sentence structure, irrelevant images etc, people will surely hate your blog and never visit afterwards.\r\n\r\nSolution\r\n\r\nTo make sure that the people do not hate your content, you need to be a bit more innovative and creative. Just write the content for the readers, not for the search engines. Once you implement that phrase in your writing, you will become a very popular writing. Always try to use attractive title, try giving paragraph brake after every 100-150 words, use relevant images, use bold and italic tags wherever necessary. Once you implement these basics, users will surely like your content and will be a bit more responsive next time when they visit your blog.\r\n

Complex design and other bugs

\r\nEveryone is not a techie, because people think that just installing a wordpress theme and a bunch of plugin will make their site a very responsive one and they need not to look into it after that. They forget that only installing theme would not do great to you, you need to customize that accordingly to make the performance better. Sometimes, the wordpress give a lot of bugs due to broken theme and plugins. It might also be a case if you are using a theme with a complicated navigation. In that kind of case, you always need to be careful and make sure that the users do not have any problems due to the technical bugs.\r\n\r\nSolution\r\n\r\nThe solution to this problem is not very simple as it has a bit of technical expertise needed. You should never use cracked themes and always use themes from some trusted source. There are some websites which check for the performance like Google Pagespeed and Yahoo Yslow. Keep checking on these websites regularly to make sure that your website has no bug. Also, use the plugins which are tested by at least a few thousand people with positive reviews.\r\n

No SEO or improper techniques

\r\nSEO was all about building a number of links until recently, but a few Google Algos changed the whole equation. If you have no links pointing to your website, you have no SEO score, similarly, if you have a huge number of irrelevant links pointing to your blog, then also this is a problem. So in case, for quick PageRank, if you created a lot of spam links, then this is going to be a huge problem for you, because if Google finds out these spammy links, they will penalize you and you will never be able to get back your rankings.\r\n\r\nSolution\r\n\r\nTo make sure that Google never penalize you, you need to implement some good SEO techniques. You need to be selective while building links to your blog. If you think you have some spammy links pointing, then make a list of that and use Google Disavow tool to reduce the impact of those links on your blog. Also, be consistent in writing and updating your blog.\r\n\r\nThese were some of the tips, which I had to tell you in case your blog is not getting proper response from the readers. I hope after implementing all these techniques, your blog will do well in terms of getting more visitors and more exposure.\r\n

Today’s question : Do you know any other technique, that you want to share with our readers? Tell me in the comments section and I will mention it with your name.

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