How to get Better Google Author Rank and higher Search Engine Ranking

A post describing all you need to know about Google Author Rank and some tips to make it better to get more visitors as well as better search engine ranking.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nGone are the days when people used to think that building excessive amount of backlinks would fetch them popularity and great search engine rankings. If you are a blogger, you would be knowing that the above statement is just waste considering the scenario we have today. In last couple of years, there were lot of penguin, panda and other Google Algo updates and every time Google penalized websites and blogs for different reasons.\r\n\r\nI am a very active member of some of the great webmasters forums and I read many of the bad things about Google and how furious people were about these panda and penguin updates. There are many bloggers who are working since many years and within one moment, they lost everything they had in form of blog to Google Algo update. There were people who actually thought to boycott Google and switch to other search engines and motivate their readers to do the same so that the impact of Google Algo penalty could be minimized. But in an era, when the search term on Internet has been replaced by Google, we can not expect to have a life without it. So I thought to cover some of the aspects which are really Important for the bloggers if they want to rank higher in Search Engines and make sure that they do not get penalized. I came across a very strong term which is one of the most popular term in the search industry today, and that is Google Author Rank.\r\n\r\nGoogle author ranking\r\n

What is Google Author Rank?

\r\nBefore Google Author Rank, you will need to know a bit about Google Authorship. Google Authorship is a practice for the bloggers to claim their website and show their identity with the name and a picture in the search engine results. This is being used only by Google till now, because Google does have a social network and it is very easy to link the profiles and your blog. Google started it over a year back and it is a very creative form of search as people know which blogger they are going to read. Not only this, if you did not like your experience visiting a blog, you can block that Author and Google will not show the results from that specific blogger in your next search results. Google authorship makes sure that blog you are visiting is not spam and that is pretty good thing for the visitors as well as the search engines to get rid of the spam content.\r\n\r\nAfter a bit of reading about Google Authorship, the question arises is, What is Google Author Rank and how does it effect the search engine rankings and ultimately the traffic to your blog.\r\n\r\nAs I told before, there are thousands of bloggers and they do have approved Google Plus profiles and linked with their blog, but this actually does not mean that you have a better author ranking, because it will be very difficult to decide it only on that basis. So there are several other factors which affect the Google Author ranking for you and the traffic as well as SERP (Search Engine Ranking position) for your blog. Some of those points I have explained below\r\n

Search Engine Optimization

\r\nSearch Engine Optimization for blog is one of the best and most needed things behind the exposure of a blog. There are several things which collectively make proper SEO for your blog. Search Engine Optimization increases the visibility of your blog in search engines which helps in getting more traffic as well as authority. This finally results in more traffic and more revenue. There are a lot of SEO techniques available in the blogosphere, and a collective effort to maintain all those techniques gets ultimate success.\r\n

Content Optimization

\r\nContent is the king of a blog. The best thing your readers love is the content you write on the blog. Everything else, like the navigation, design, performance comes after that. So if you really want to rank higher in search engines, then you will need to invest most of your time in optimizing your blog content. The content included the text, images, videos and other media you have on your blog. The practices of content optimization mainly include having a proper meta title, description and keywords, writing proper alt tags and descriptions and give proper shortlinks to every single item on your blog.\r\n\r\nThere is a new trend coming up in the market, i.e. using more and more infographics inside the posts. That is a great source of information because they include a lot of information along with the pictures as example, this has given a lot of boost and search engines often prefer these Infographics. So you might just consider including more infographics into your posts and optimizing them with proper alt tags so that you can rank higher in search engines and attract more traffic.\r\n

Mobile Compatibility

\r\nAs the internet and gadgets world is progressing, people are depending more on the mobiles, tablets and phablets. This actually indicates that the future will be mainly around the mobile devices. In that kind of condition, you must make sure that your website is truly optimized for mobile browsers. If you have not optimized your website for the mobile browsers, then you might just be losing a lot of traffic because if your website does not work well in the mobile browsers, then there are lot of possibilities that people will just come on your website, look at the broken structure of your website and leave without exploring it more. Being a blogger or a web entrepreneur, you seriously can not afford to lose that much of visitors. So it is better for you to take some advance steps and start working on the mobile compatibility of your website.\r\n

Voice and Video optimization

\r\nJust like content and images, videos and voice clips are also a part of blog. Google has recently introduced voice search and that algo works pretty similarly where a user search for voice instead of a text keyword. The search results then include your media attachments. This trend is not very much popular, but still if you manage to get good rankings in voice search, your search engine rankings for text related queries will automatically go up.\r\n

Social Media Optimization

\r\nSocial Media optimization mainly includes engaging with your followers on Social media networks like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. That can be a very effective way to build popularity and authority for your website because these websites are generally with a huge authority and trust. A backlink from these website means a lot for the exposure of your blog. If you are very much active, then your users too will interact, they will like and share your links and that is very much useful because this will just multiply the exposure you get from these authority websites. This also gets you a lot of traffic which is an added advantage.\r\n

Link building

\r\nLink building is something obvious if you are a blogger, but you should always be sure and assured about the links you build. You should never build spammy links pointing to the your blog. Link building is the ultimate goal of all the SEO techniques and practices. You can get quality links from Forums, guest posting, blog commenting etc.\r\n

Google + Authorship Markup

\r\nTo approve Google + authorship markup, place a link to your Google + profile on every page of your website. Once you are done with that, go to your Google + profile and add your blog link in the contributor section. It will be better, if you display an author box at the bottom of your posts.\r\n\r\nNow, author rank is the exposure a blog gets because of all those things I mentioned above and finally the exposure gets transferred to the Google Plus Author and that ultimately all those blogs and websites which are linked to that Google Plus account.\r\n\r\nI hope this post was useful. let me know in the comments section.


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  1. Yes, this post was extremely useful. I’ve recently started blogging actively, and there’s so much information on what you should and shouldn’t do to get more readers to your blog. It gets quite overwhelming! You’ve set it out in a clear way that makes sense, and given me several areas to research further, now that I know what I’m looking for. Thanks so much.

  2. Getting higher in the search engine can be very time consuming\r\nif you don’t know what your doing.\r\n\r\nThank you for your blog post, I learned a few good seo nuggets that I will use.\r\n\r\nThanks

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