Top 10 Highest Paying and Best Google Adsense Alternatives

Check inside for a detailed post about Top 10 highest paying and best Google Adsense Alternatives to monetize your blog in several other ways than Adsense.\n\r

\n\n\r\nIn a recent interview at, I was asked if the increasing competition has actually resulted in less revenue for bloggers, and my answer was, No, the competition has never ever affected the revenue model of bloggers, instead, it has given them many more chances to increase heir revenue. Before a few years, Google Adsense was the only major ad service provider for webmasters as well as bloggers, but in recent few years, many other ad networks have joined the market. Some of them are paying on per click basis, some are paying on per impression basis etc. So this actually concluded my answer in that interview that competition has actually given them a chance to monetize their property in many other ways.
\nHaving a Google Adsense account is still a dream for many of the bloggers, specially the bloggers from India and other Asian countries. Google is very much strict wile considering the applications for those webmasters who list themselves as Indians or residents of any other country in Asia, this might be because Asia is the biggest spamming spot, but at the same time, it is very much disappointing for the bloggers who work very hard to earn a bit of revenue from their blogs and finally d up with a disapproved Adsense account.
\nIf it was a scenario 5 years back, anyone would have thought there is no other way of monetizing and left hope with their blog, but today, there are many more options to choose from and a blogger need not to get disappointed if Google doesn’t approve their application, there are many other monetizing options. In this post, I will be writing about 10 Highest Paying and best Google Adsense Alternatives.\n\r\n


\nBuySellAds is one of the best Adsense alternatives present in the market as of today. Sometimes, even BuySellAds is very much more strict while considering the applications for approval of an account. You need to have a decent number of page views before your account gets approved. Once approved, you can place the name of your website in the marketplace. Once any of the advertiser shows any kind of interest in your website, you will be notified by email and then you can go ahead with the procedure,Once the formalities are done, You will get 75% of the revenue and BuySellAds will keep the remaining 25%. The amount can be withdrawn twice a month and the minimum amount which can be withdrawn is 50$. Mode of payment will preferably be PayPal. BuySellAds mainly display banner ads which are provided by the advertiser, but before a few days, they have launched a feature called BuySellAds unreserved, under they display Google Adsense Ads on your blog and you do not need to wait for an advertiser to show interest in your website. Once your account is approved and you get an advertiser, BuySellAds will provide you a code, which you have to put wherever you want to display the advertisement.\n\r\n


\nInfoLinks is one of the most popular and widely used Ad Network. This is the first choice of webmaster with or without Google Adsense. InfoLinks mainly displays inline advertisements in the form of hyperlinks. Some of your text in the post will be hyperlinked and once the user puts mouse cursor over it, the ad will highlight. InfoLinks also pays on the basis of Per Click. This is most profitable when you have many visitors from western countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom etc. The mode of payment is PayPal, you can request a withdrawal once in every month after your amount reaches 50$. You will surely not need a high-profile website to get approved for InfoLinks like Google Adsense or BuySellAds. Even if you have a 10 day old website with less traffic, InfoLinks will approve you within 24 hours of applying. Once your account is approved, you can integrate the ad to your blog or website using 3 minute integration guide given on their website.\n\r\n


\nChitika was basically started as an affiliate website which used to pay commissions to webmasters and blogger on the basis of sales made from their web pages. Chitika believes in something greater than the traditional advertising boxes with some of the popular ads. If you are having Chitika, you will always see as related to your post. If you are having a gadget blog, you will be getting ads with the buying link of the same gadget or its competitor. Every sale which gets referred from your website will fetch you a good amount of commission. Chitika has a very well optimized system to display ads on mobile content. For local visitors, Chitika offers a” Pay Per Call” plan with the payout of 2$-20$. According to that, Chitika puts the visitor in direct contact with the advertiser and it gives huge possibility of increasing sales. The minimum payout is 10$ by PayPal ad 50$ by check. Chitika is also popular because it gives you the complete control over your ad. You can customize it in the way you want, just like Google Adsense.\n\r\n


\nBidvertiser also a great alternative to Google Adsense. It works as a combo of PPC (Pay Per Click) and Affiliate Marketing. You will get revenue on every valid click plus, if any of the click from your blog gets converted to a sale finally, you will get affiliate commission too. Bidvertiser was one of the first Ad Network to start a service of this kind and this is something which makes it a unique and strong competitor to Google Adsense. This provides traditional banner advertising solution with handsome payout.
\nA few months back, Bidvertiser announced a new feature, which is called Bidvertiser Toolbar. This is a real cool option to boost your earnings. Using this feature, you can download Bidvertiser toolbar, customize it with your logo and your information and ask your visitors to install that in their browser. You will get a handsome amount when anyone uses that toolbar to search something. The minimum amount which can be withdrawn is 50$ via PayPal and 100$ via cheque.\n\r\n


\nIntellilinks is also an Ad network which works similar to Infolinks but they have an integrated feature to sell links on your blog. They do have a customized dashboard and you can display inline advertisements along with that, Intellilinks give you an option to make some extra money with link sales. You just need to install a plugin in order to allow the Ad network to work. You can either allow Intellilinks to place the links automatically or you can review before you allow them on your blog. This is a pretty good integration of these 2 services and it enables you to make some extra money without much efforts. There is one best thing about Intellilinks, there is no payment threshold for the payment, no matter how much you earn, whether you earn 5$ or 1000$ in a month, you will get paid at the end of every month by PayPal.\n\r\n


\nClicksor is also an important and very popular Ad Network present on the internet and one of the best Adsense Alternatives. In terms of users, it is the third most popular publisher network after Google Adsense and Infolinks. Clicksor displays inline advertisements as Infolinks and Contextual banners as Google Adsense. The payment threshold is just 50$ and can be withdrawn using PayPal, Cheque or Bank Wire Transfer. If you have a good friends and followers base, you can earn some additional money by referring your friends to Clicksor. The best thing about them is, you will need to provide your site keywords at the time of signup and Clicksor will always display ads which are relevant to your content. One more positive factor is, you will not need to put code several times in a page if you want to show more than one ad, you will just need to paste the code once.\n\r\n


\nAdbrite is not a very popular ad network because they do not have anything to offer from their side, but it can be a very handy alternative to Adsense for those who have potential visitors. Adbrite shows a banner on your website with a phrase “Advertise on this Website”. Once an advertiser sees that Ad, he can click there and then Adbrite will look into the whole process of having the conversation with the advertiser and getting that ad displayed on your website.\n\r\n

Dynamic Oxygen

\nDynamic Oxygen is relatively new to the advertising market. They started at the end of 2010 but made a huge progress. One of the main reason why they are becoming popular is, they consider every single visitor of your website and pay you accordingly on every valid click from any place in this world. Unlike Google Adsense, Infolinks and other ad networks, this Google Adsense alternative shows different ads for visitors of different locations so that you do not have to face low CPC (Cost per Click) for the visitors from countries except United States and Canada. The minimum payout is 50$ which can be withdrawn via PayPal or Cheque.\n\r\n

Exit Junction

\nExit junction is also relatively new and a unique way of advertisement. You can use Exit Junction with any other Ad provider because of it’s unique mode of advertisement. Exit Junction does not show the ads when a visitor is browsing through your website, but when someone leaves your website, a popup gets displayed and you get paid for every single impression. This depends mainly on the search engine visitors and beneficial for you to monetize those visitors who enter your website by a search engine and exit within seconds. The ad displayed on the popup is according to the keyword which was searched by the user to enter your website, this ensures that user gets to see niche targeted ad which results in and makes sure you get a decent amount of revenue. The minimum amount which can be withdrawn is 25$.\n\r\n


\nThis name might sound kinda awkward, but they do provide great service. B2SPAds have integrated CPC and CPA. You can paid for per click and if your click gets turned into an action for the advertiser, you get paid additionally. You can control your campaigns using a fully automated dashboard and the main thing is, you do not need to wait for the end of a month. Whenever you reach the payment threshold, you can request a withdrawal and you get paid immediately by PayPal or direct transfer to your bank account. They also organize monthly contests for publishers, so if you win any of those, it will boost your that month’s earning.\n\r\n

Today’s Question : Which is the best of all these Google Adsense Alternatives for you? What is the best feature about that network? Let me know in the comments.\n\r

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  1. I have doubt on clicksor. But chitika, infolinks and kontera are best.

  2. Hi Kunwar, this is Pamela from Infolinks. Thanks for sharing us with your readers! Infolinks is a great alternative to AdSense, as well as a great complement for those looking to earn even more. Happy blogging 🙂

  3. Wow…..nice article…

  4. Thanks a lot for the information. My Google adsense has been deactivated and I was looking for some google adsense alternatives. You post has really helped me a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  5. gud post…!!\r\nto my personal experience. I found chitika and bidvertiser to be much better.

  6. I think this post is purely copied.\nEven you didn’t change a single word or sentence. Is it called blogging? Just copy paste work.

    • This s not a post about some blogging tutorial or guide. Keywords are something which we can not write on our own Bobby. Noone has copyright over these keywords, if I use even one letter of one keyword, it gives whole different mean and the CPC changes drastically. So please, before giving me a suggestion, read it completely..

  7. Hi friend, i have a question. If we are approved by google adsense and infolinks or any other, can we have the permission to keep all the different advertisers ads in one website. After that, because of keeping all the advertisers ads in our website they might ban or reject us.\r\nWhat is your opinion about this ?

    • Thanks for your doubt Chris, there was something of this kind by Google adsense till 3 years back, but as the number of blogs increased rapidly and they started rejecting a lot many number of applications, Google made a statement under which you can put advertisements of any number of advertising providers. Other Ad networks never had such rules, that means you can always keep advertisement from different sources..

  8. Thanks for sharing such a nice list on adsense alternatives. I also wants to share some good alternatives of google adsense :\r\n\r\n1. Clicksor\r\n2.\r\n3.\r\n4.

  9. Nice Article bro! I applied for infolinks a while back,but I did something wrongly and my account was disapproved.I’ve tried re-appyling,but it tells me email already in use.Please what can I do?I want infolinks very much.

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  11. Thanks for the useful post. I am still confused which one should I use for my site?\r\n\r\nPlz suggest me. Link you can find in my name :)\r\n\r\nThanks

  12. Bad thing about infolinks is that if they rejected your site for the first time,it is not possible to apply again even with a different email account,and also the support team never looks into your email queries.

    • It is, but the good thing about infolinks is, they do not reject the applications very often like Google Adsense. I haven’t seen any one guy telling till now that he wasn’t approved for the infolinks. Anyways, thanks for your views. Keep visiting. 🙂

  13. It was truly a great article. Worth reading every word. So much insightful and so much informative.\r\nKeep up the good work buddy. We need more bloggers like you who post genuine helpful articles

  14. dynamic oxygen is good for huge traffic blogs. They pays about 40 cent per click + CPM.

  15. Nice list. You can also add CPMFun to the list as it is also one of the best alternative to adsense.

  16. Thank you for nice listing .This s not a column about some blogging tutorial or guide. Keywords are something which we can not address on our own Bobby. Noone has absorb over these keywords, if I use even one letter of one keyword, it gives accomplished altered beggarly and the CPC changes drastically. So please, afore giving me a suggestion, apprehend it completely..

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