Most popular and best affiliate programs to join in 2013

Want to earn great money by joining affiliate marketing? Then check out this post for the best affiliate programs to join in 2013.\n\r

\nDay by day, Internet users are getting smarter. Before some time, Internet was only a reason to connect with friends and play some online games for almost all the Internet users, but in last few years, this thinking has been changed and Internet has come front as a big earning opportunity. There are thousands of affiliate programs who promise you to provide a huge income of you work regularly for them. Affiliate programs are becoming a great source of income day by day and there are people earning thousands and millions from these affiliate programs.\n\r\nBefore a few days, I had written a post telling about Ways to make money from a Blog, I hope you found that useful. In that post, I had discussed about how you can earn using affiliate programs. Here am I with a detailed post about best affiliate programs. Before going in the details of telling you about the best affiliate programs to join in 2013, I will give a brief idea on\n\r\n

What are Affiliate Programs

\nAffiliate programs are kind of agent system where you sell products of some companies and then you get a bit of commission out of it. The main way of selling the products are blogs & website advertising, email, free advertising websites etc. You are given a code by the company and you need to advertise using this code, You will be paid a certain amount of commission on every sale that is made from your link. This process continues and you end up getting some really high amount if you are sincere in your work.\n\r\nAffiliate programs are getting popular day by day because of several reasons, few of them, I have shared below\n\r\n


  • Companies advertising their product give a bit of discount when they advertise them on the affiliate networks because of the possibility of number of sales they can get from these networks. They know that this market can boost their sales if they are ranked in one of the best-selling products.
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  • The commission paid to the affiliate marketers is just awesome. Sometimes it ranges from 10%-90% of the original rate of the product. This is something which motivates new users to join affiliate marketing.
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  • There is no limit of earning. There are people who are earning thousands of dollars every single day from affiliate marketing. The strong network you have, then more possibilities you have of earning great.
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\nThese were some of the main reasons why many of the new people are joining affiliate programs everyday and why are these affiliate networks getting popular. I hope you have a clear idea about what exactly is an affiliate program and why are people crazy behind being one the best affiliate marketers. So now, coming on the topic, I will be sharing about some of the most popular and best affiliate programs which you can join in 2013 to earn great amount in form of commissions.\n\r\n

Best Affiliate Programs for 2013


1. Associates

\nAmazon is one of the best affiliate programs available on the Internet. Amazon web store is certainly one of the oldest web store and the best too. Amazon provides you an opportunity to earn up to 20% of the original rate of the product you sell from your link. Amazon is one of the best choices no matter you have a huge Facebook fan page, a Facebook group, a Blog or an email list. Amazon always gives you an opportunity to monetize on your resource and earn good. Currently Amazon is the most popular affiliate marketing system on the Internet with an Alexa rank of 8 across the world. Amazon has something really awesome to offer. Being in Amazon Associates network, you can earn commission on every single product on Amazon store. There are many affiliate programs which allow you to earn commission only on the digital products like premium videos and ebooks, but Amazon allows you to sell anything using your affiliate link and you will be paid a certain amount of commission.\n\r\n


\nClickbank is the most popular affiliate program for the digital products. The products mainly on Clickbank include guides for various things, premium videos etc. ClickBank has several thousand products on every niche. Doesn’t matter if you want a guide to learn a programming language, you need a guide to get six packs in a short time or you need to lose or gain weight quickly, ClickBank has thousands of options for every need of yours. Since most of the products on ClickBank are digital, you get very high commissions on sales. The commission ClickBank offers might range from 10%-100%. ClickBank is one of the fastest increasing affiliate market and you will surely have a great time working with them.\n\r\n

3. Commission Junction

\nCommission junction is said to be world’s number one affiliate program directory. Commission Junction helps their advertisers build equitable and lucrative relationships with the sellers directly and then sell their products after deciding a certain percent of commission. In this affiliate program, you are in direct touch with the seller and you can try to negotiate about the commission. Commission Junction mainly deals in the art affiliate services, media and tracking services. Being one of the oldest in the affiliate market, Commission Junction is one of the most trusted brand.\n\r\n

4. Apple Affiliates

\nApple is one of the largest company on the planet. The revolutionary products like iPad, iPhone and MacBook made it the most popular gadgets company. Apple own an online store named as iTunes, which is one of the best music downloading platform on the Internet. Along with this, Apple owns iBookStore and Mac App Store. You can advertise using their code and earn commission on millions of songs, books, games and applications for Mac as well as iPhones.\n\r\n

5. Clicksor

\nClicksor provides in text affiliate advertising to sell the products listed on their website. Clicksor is not meant for the new webmasters, you will need to have a great amount of visitors and authority to your website in order to sign up for Clicksor. The payment is pretty good and you get 10% referral amount. It means if you refer a person to clicksor, you will get 10% of his total earning. This might be a great deal if you have a website with so many unique visitors per day and you do not want to put so many banner ads to distract your visitors. In that case, Clicksor can be a better option for you.\n\r\n

6. Google Affiliate Network

\nAfter being the best online advertising platform, Google launched Google Affiliate network recently to offer more earning options to its users. Google Affiliate program offers some great products in their affiliate programs and then gives the users a chance to earn more income monetizing their website or the blog. This can also be a great option for those who do not have an approved Adsense account as this network can offer them an alternative to Adsense.\n\r\n

7. Hostgator

\nHostgator is one of the best hosting providers, Reseller hosting providers and VPS sellers. Along with this, they have a great affiliate system for their users. HostGator is one of the best paying hosting network per signup. They have their services in over 200 countries on the globe, it makes them one of the most spread networks. Hostgator gives you a great opportunity to earn from your website by putting a banner generated by HostGator. They have an option to choose from over 100 banners according to the design of your website and your choice.\n\r\n

8. MaxBounty

\nMaxBounty is also a popular affiliate network which is very much dedicated to their work. They have a team of experienced affiliate managers to guide you to choose the best products to advertise depending on your website niche and the location of your visitors. You can withdraw your payments weekly which is an added advantage. MaxBounty might not be in one of the most popular with millions of users, but they provide one of the best dedicated support and service.\n\r\n

9. Link Share

\nLink Share is the oldest affiliate programs and has something unique to offer. Unlike many other affiliate programs on the Internet, you always need not to sell a product in order to get the payment. There are many other things Link Share asks you to do to get paid. You can get some forms filled or some sign ups on targeted websites. Link Share also has great authority and trust of users since many years.\n\r\n

10. AWebar

\nIf you are a webmaster, then no matter what kind of website you own, you always have a great chance of earning from AWebar. AWebar is one of the leading email provider and auto responder in service for more than 10 years. They have helped millions of webmasters and business to build a good relationships with their customers and increase their profits.\n\r\nThis was a post about the most popular and best affiliate programs to join in 2013. I hope you found this post useful. Do let me know if you have any query or you have any feedback about this post or blog.\n\r\n

Today’s Question : Which is the best Affiliate network according to you which fetches you the most of the income? What is the best thing about that network? Share with me in the comments.\n\r

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  1. What do you think of ShareASale? I personally like them. They don’t take money away from you if you are in a dry sales slump, for example, like Clickbank or CommissionJunction.\r\n\r\nAmazon is great, except that the commissions are so low. But you don’t get the selectivity of Commission Junction. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been rejected there!\r\n\r\nAnyhow, good information to help all of us IMers out there. Thanks.

  2. I’ve been working with some gambling affiliate program (powered by casino reais) for the past 3 months. I am earning around 8k each month. not bad.

  3. I learn more things in affiliate marketing.\r\nthanx

  4. I just read that Google Affiliates is DEAD!!! The company retired it. According to the announcement at w w w (dot) google (dot) com / ads / affiliatenetwork / An update on Google Affiliate Network Weโ€™ve made the difficult decision to retire Google Affiliate Network and focus on other products that are driving great results for clients. For more information, please read the full announcement. We encourage you to explore the following products which can help you achieve your advertising goals:Affiliate publishers – As an alternative monetization solution for publishers, we recommend signing up for Google AdSense. Affiliate advertisers – Advertisers can take advantage of other CPA-oriented Google tools like Product Listing Ads, remarketing and Conversion Optimizer to drive valuable online sales and conversions.

  5. Much information and helpful to the Newbie. I just set up my website and will use the information you have provided to help me with my new venture

  6. Been working with Clickbank and AWeber

  7. What can you say about SFI or Strong Future International?

  8. Great programs!!\r\nBut I personally think the following should be on you list :-\r\nAmazon associates(As mentioned by you)\r\ commission given)\r\’s No.1 ecommerce website)\r\nGoDaddy\r\nHostGator(As mentioned by you)\r\ amount per sale (i.e.Rs. 200 to Rs. 225)

  9. Sorry .I forgot to mention only for India. ๐Ÿ˜›

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