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\r\n\r\n\r\nIn my last update, I had written a very long post which had all my experience of writing a blog post. The post was  on How do I Write blog post to get more Search Engine Visitors. Well, I just hope you have read that read that post and are now ready for something more.\r\n\r\nIn this post, I will comprehensively be guiding you with some great techniques of link building. In next few paragraphs, I will be writing on how you can build backlinks for your blog and what are the ways you should implement, when you are building backlinks for your blog.\r\n\r\nBeing honest, I feel blogging was never so easy, and these days, because of things like Google Algo updates, bloggers are facing one of the hardest times ever. Thousands of blogs get penalized after every Algo update by Google and after every Algo update, only one sentence comes out as the solution, i.e.\r\n


\r\nBuilding quality and high authority backlinks is always a tough task. If you just build thousands of backlinks or buy backlinks, it wont help you in anyway, instead, it will get your website penalized by Google as a part of some Algo guidelines. Now, there comes a dilemma for every blogger on this planet. How should one build backlinks for a blog and what are the other things to keep in mind while building backlinks. This is a post focusing mainly on the same issue. In this post, I will be telling you some of the ways, how you can build quality backlinks without getting penalized.\r\n

1. Keep a specific count in mind

\r\nIf you have a new blog, you should never go on with building 50s of backlinks per day. It always depends how popular your blog is. If you have just started a blog, I will advice you to build 5-7 backlinks per day. These backlinks can be in any form. More about the type of backlink, I will tell later in this post.\r\n

2. Do not follow only the numbers

\r\nIf you create some backlinks from a porn website, it will make sure that your URL gets penalized in the next Google Algo update. With quantity, quality of a backlink is also important. So, never build backlinks from the pages having content against Google policies. That content includes Porn, Gambling and Poker, Hacking etc.\r\n

3. Never buy backlinks

\r\nOn many webmaster forums or Facebook groups, you will get some people selling thousands of backlinks in a few dollars. Never get convinced by those. All those backlinks created by them are not genuine. They use an automatic tool, which create backlinks for you. Identifying these backlinks does not need any effort by search engines and also these backlinks do not have any other positive effect on your website.\r\n

4. Match your niche

\r\nIf your backlinks are present on a page which has some content relevant to yours, then the chances of getting PageRank juice for your URL are higher. This gives a genuine feeling to search engines and your page gets more preference in Search Engine Ranking Positions. If you are a blogger, you can write guest posts in blogs of your niche or you can comment on the latest posts on the blogs with high rankings and authority.\r\n

5. Dofollow or Nofollow

\r\nThis is one of the issue, bloggers face while building backlinks. Dofollow and Nofollow are the type of backlinks. Dofollow means the link has got some authority from that particular page and Nofollow means that even after being linked from a page, the destination URL does not get any benefit of this link. But this is not the end. A Nofollow backlink does mean that there is a page on the destination URL and you do get some benefit out of it. According to a report earlier this year, you should have a proper ratio of 30:70 in Nofollow and Dofollow links pointing to your URL.\r\n

6. Track incoming links using webmasters tool

\r\nGoogle Webmaster tools provide you a detailed report of every single backlink pointing to your page. You should check this report once in a while and make sure that you do not have any suspected page having a link pointing to your URL. If you find some, you can use Google disavow tool and search engines will not consider those backlinks when search engine rankings and PageRank are calculated.\r\n

7. Interlink your pages and Blog posts

\r\nInterlinking your pages can help in a better navigation, more average time spent and better SERP (Search Engine Ranking Positions). It transfers the internal PR juice to your pages and hence you get maximum benefit of your own website pages and blog posts. This also results in more page-views by the visitors.\r\n

Today’s Question : According to you, how does regular backlinking helps a blog in getting better authority and search engine rankings. Share your thoughts here.

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