7 things which prove if you are a newbie blogger

A post which lets you check where you stand as a blogger. Check inside for an exclusive post on 7 things which prove if you are a newbie blogger.

\r\n\r\nAs you can read in my last blog post, I got PR 2 for this blog and I am really happy this time. Recently I wrote a post about 10 must have plugins for WordPress blog . I hope you have read that post and installed plugins according to your needs and requirements.\r\n\r\nOnce you come into blogging and you spend a few days, you start feeling a kind of responsibility. Blogging can be compared to any other business, Easy or Difficult. Every business including blogging demands you get started, work, work and then to sit back and see the profit growing. The last step always does not mean that you can sit back, but it means that if you have a set business, you can get some more time out of it as you need not to think as much as you thought in the beginning of that business.\r\n\r\nBeing specific about blogging, you need to change yourself and your style according to time. How I was writing 5 years back, I can’t write today, and how I am writing today, I won’t be able to write 2 years later. This is because the time has changed, what people are looking has changed, so the bloggers have to change otherwise they will find themselves way too behind other bloggers.\r\n\r\nIt’s been almost a month, since I started writing this blog. I have told you all those basic things needed to start a blog. In this post, I will be sharing some of those ways which prove that you are still a newbie blogger. If any of the points below, suits you, just make sure you can no more be called a newbie blogger. You cannot change the fact in your mind, if you are really a newbie struggling with your first ever blogging venture, but still, if you make sure to avoid any of the below written terms, people won’t term you as a newbie blogger.\r\n

7 Ways to prove if you are a newbie blogger

\r\nBelow are some of the points, which can differentiate between a newbie and an experienced blogger\r\n

1. Have not updated your theme from the default one

\r\nIf you are still using the default theme of your blogging platform, you are seriously dumb with no knowledge of your visitors and market. If you look at most popular blogs, you will find they have developed a specific theme which suits their requirement. A Theme does not cost you much in terms of money, but it does cost you a lot of time as it is a pretty hectic task to find a good theme for your blog.\r\n\r\nCheck here : How to choose perfect theme for your blog\r\n

2. Posts as you are writing an Essay for your exam

\r\nPost quality matters a lot when it comes to popularity. Search Engines like Google and Bing have really gone smarter over the last few years. These search engines look for various factors before ranking your post high on Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERP). So you are advised to make your posts accordingly with a proper keyword density and an attractive title. Proper paragraph formatting also makes your blog post look nice and motivates readers to read the post.\r\n\r\nCheck here : Some tips before writing first blog post\r\n

3. Blog is still without a Logo

\r\nOnly 1% chances are there that you are having a theme which looks better with a text logo (you can check my case) . Otherwise all the themes, you find a need of having a good looking logo with a good resolution which can fit with the color scheme of your theme and the size of your header. Logo attracts your visitors and gives a good reputation about your blog to the person reading this. Only having a logo isn’t enough, as I said you should have a perfect logo which suits your theme and color scheme.\r\n

4. Still waiting for comments

\r\nComments play an important role in the success of a blog. Comments have the ability to engage your visitors in a great discussion on your blog post. That is very good for the exposure of your blog and readers. To make your readers comment on your blog, you should promote your blog on your social media profile. You can also include some questions in your posts. If you have written a good post and the reader is satisfied with the post, they will surely end up leaving a good comment.\r\n

5. Still thinking about the topic to be covered in your next post

\r\nAs I wrote above, blogging makes you feel the responsibility. But that responsibility does not come over night, it takes a bit of time. When you have started blogging, you need to explore things. Many times, you might have no idea about what to write in the next blog post. This proves that you are still not familiar with the rules of blogging and you are yet to grow in this blogosphere. Once you a bit of blogging experience and responsibility, you will get hundred ideas of getting a topic for your next post.\r\n

6. Still without Google Authorship and Sitelinks

\r\nA major part of your search engine traffic comes from Google. After launching Google Plus, they gave an option so that you can claim your content on your blog. If you have verified Google Authorship, all the search results of your blog will be displayed with your name and your Google Plus profile picture. This also boosts your search engine rankings because Google knows that the content is coming from some verified source. So, if you have not yet applied for Google authorship, do it today. SignUp for Google Webmasters tool and keep writing good content. This will help you to get your sitelinks quickly.\r\n

7. Still without an About Page

\r\nFirst and foremost thing after installing WordPress or other blogging platform is to create a page about yourself where you can tell the world about you. Try to write who are you, what are your past experiences, what was your basic idea when you started this blog and so on. It is nice to have a brief intro of your blog and yourself. It helps the readers to know who exactly they are reading and what expertise this blogger has.\r\n\r\nThese were some of the ways which can prove you are still a newbie blogger. If you want people to look at you as a responsible and an experienced programmer, avoid these things and implement what all you can to be a successful blogger.\r\n

Today’s question : What do you think about your status as a blogger? Are you a newbie, experienced or super experienced blogger? Discuss about your experiences.

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