How to build an authority blog for affiliate promotion

Believe me guys, blogging includes hell lot of stuffs. For casual dudes, blogging might just be a way to kill some time after a hectic day and to tell the world about what they do or how they feel, but for professionals, it includes a lot of things to do, implement and then later to earn profit from. Over last few years, Blogging has emerged as a serious profession and many more people have started to take it seriously as a profession.

Blogging starts with writing, writing good, writing appealing and writing creatively. But once the blog is popular with some authority in the same domain, there are a lot of tasks included in promotions, advertisement, affiliate networks, reviews, sponsored posts and a lot more. Getting to that level takes a bit of time for every blogger, however, everyone does want to reach out to that level in no time.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most emerging ways of monetization for the bloggers, affiliate marketing is nothing but an art of selling things to your followers telling them about the experience you had with the same. However, to be able to sell something to your followers, you should have a feeling of belief inside them for you and once the belief comes, people will blindly buy the products you recommend to them.This is a common mistake most of the people do, without gaining a trust in their followers, they keep trying to sell things and as a result, they fail miserably after a long struggle before eventually giving up.

This is a common mistake most of the people do, without gaining a trust in their followers, they keep trying to sell things and as a result, they fail miserably after a long struggle before eventually giving up.

An authority blog gets you a lot of visitors and at the same time, it gets you a lot of sales from your visitors and followers to the products you recommend and at the end, you are the one who ends up with the profit. If you are an aspiring blogger too, who is looking to build an authority blog, then this post is for you. Read through the post for the points which are essential to implement in order to build for you and your blog.

East or west, content should be the bestContent is king for bloggingIf you are an aspiring blogger, you must have got bored of hearing one line saying

content is king

My dear friend, content was the king, content is the king and content will be the king. A better content and way of representation is the first thing which the visitors notice on your blog. I have seen a lot of people who claim to be pro-bloggers, but after going through the content, it just feels like an ordinary piece of article re-written with the references taken from various other blogs in the same domain.

To develop an authority, give them something original. The facts and figures can not be changed for sure, but they can be mixed with a flavor of content which comes from you. Engage the visitors in the content with the information and they will love it. If a blogger is successful in engaging the visitor on the first visit, believe me, that visitor turns out to be a loyal reader and follower of your blog. There are hundreds of those blogs which I visited and became a fan.

Professional blog should have a professional look

When you are trying to create an impression of a professional blog, then it starts with the way your blog looks. A blog with professional looks is something which catches everyone’s’ eyes. The design and navigation is one of the first things noticed by the visitors after landing onto a blog, and they say that first impression is one of the best ones.

Mailing list does matter

Blogging and bloggers run of one major thing, known as “Mailing List”. It is nothing but a list of the people who are interested in reading your content as a priority and they do not mind you buzzing them with the new content and recommendations every day or every week.

Mailing list templatesSubscribers are the most loyal fans of you and your blog. It is so easy to sell a product to the people on your mailing list because the list includes a lot of people who trust you and your brand (Blog). The conversion rate is fairly high in the sase of a mailing list and that makes all the difference. So if you are aiming to make it big, then start developing a mailing list. Give something in return to the visitors, have them believe that leaving their personal details on your blog is going to fetch them some good results.

Networking is necessary

There are many bloggers who are better than you and their blog is better than yours. Start learning and interacting with them. A relationship with high authority blogs can get you a lot of recognition in the blogging industry.

To make full use of it, interact with the fellow bloggers, leave some comments and guest posts on the blogs doing better in your industry, have those people praise you and you will see an amazing followers base building for your blog.

Cover some real success stories

Success stories of bloggers

Real stories do inspire people. They get inspired to know how good a blogger is doing and how good is his blog doing. To keep people coming back onto your website, have a series of posts where you feature some real case studies and interaction with good people, the visitors will love this as well as people who are searching for those people on the internet will end up getting on your website. And what can be sweeter than coverting a sale?

The above-mentioned 5 things summarize my article on creating an authority blog, however, this is not the end, but just a guide for the beginners. I will be back with another article on an interesting thing, till then, see ya! 🙂


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  1. Well, i tried many time this affiliate concept but it does not works. I was hoping that now, it will works.

  2. Excellent blog post. Yes I do agree with you about content being king. Thank you for the tip about networking with bloggers that are better, I will start to build relationships with other bloggers that have more authority!

    Thanks- Nestor

  3. hi prithvi,increating a authority blog is one of the biggest challenge for a blogger. Peopl like harsh agarwal of shoutmeloud has done the same. i hope your tips will help me do the same

  4. great post and keep up the quality

  5. achi h mgr ye to usally sb ny btaya hoa h

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