How to secure wordpress blog against hackers

WordPress has given a lot of things to be happy about. Being a huge WordPress fan myself, I have used, customized and distributed WordPress for a long time now.

With all those creativity and simplicity, which makes the work for a blogger very easy, there is something else which can not be ignored. That aspect of WordPress is known as the security.

Security has always been a big concern for all the bloggers, despite the platform used, the danger remains intact. I personally have lost a few blogs which were a result of the hard work of several weeks or maybe even months. There was nothing much I could do in order to restore them as those happened in a very early stage for as a blogger and I did not keep the regular backup of the content on my website.

Keeping the regular backup of the content is surely a way to recover the blog, but that can be done only after a blog is hacked, and I am sure none of you wants that. Just for those people, I am sharing some tips about securing WordPress blog.

Tips to prevent WordPress blog from hacking

Ensure the security of hosting server

The server hosting your blog remains one of the most powerful things in many regards. The host server is solely responsible for things like Performance, Speed, Uptime and security of the blog because the security of a blog starts right from the host.

Shared hosting, is the most vulnerable type of hosting to hack. This is because there are thousands of websites hosted on the same server and all the scripts of those websites run onto the same server. Thus, every user on a shared server indirectly gets the access of all those thousands of other websites.

I understand that it’s not affordable for everyone to opt for a dedicated server or a VPS, but that is how it goes. I would suggest bloggers not to look for cheaper options when it comes to hosting.

The default username

When WordPress was launched initially, the default user had to be named as Admin. However, from WordPress 3.0, the user is allowed to keep a name other than admin. A lot of users are still having the username as admin and it becomes fairly easy for the hackers to guess the same and sneak in with a few guessed password.

Complex Password

Password remains a key always when you are online. Most of the times, the password used is a combination of simple letters and words even including the username of the website name. These are some of the very common things with the users and hackers can easily predict a password like that.

So, to be secure and keep your online data safe, it is advised to keep a complex password with a proper combination of numbers, upper and lower case letters.

Use a custom login address

The default login address for a WordPress blog is /wp-admin and that remains the same in case of over 95% of the websites. This address is the most targeted one when the hackers are trying to sneak into a website to try and delete the data or to take over the same.

It is always advised to change the login address to a custom one so that reaching out to the login form remains not so easy for the hackers.

Those are some of the reasons, which should be considered in order to make your WordPress installation safe from the hackers. Should you have any doubts, let me know in the comments section and I will try my best to answer them for you.

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